Wheel Compost Turner

• Product description: Our Double-spiral compost turning machine overcome the normal spiral compost turning machine’ limited problems like low turning depth, small size of working range, big working ground size.


Our Double-spiral compost turning machine overcome the normal spiral compost turning machine’ limited problems like low turning depth, small size of working range, big working ground size. Our equipment can reach 1.6 m in effective working depth and 12m in effective working range, which have promoted working efficiency greatly. The machine is perfectly suitable for the dispose and fermentation of sludge, city waste and etc. Our equipment has PLC programming control which can shift between manual and automatic. Also, with remote control device, you can run the machine accurate and smooth.


Double-spiral compost turning machine can be used for the compost fermentation turning of livestock and poultry waste, sludge and garbage, waste mud of sugar manufacture, residues, straw, sawdust and other organic waste. It is widely used in the work-ground like organic fertilizer plant, compound fertilizer plant, sludge and garbage dispose plant, garden plant, mushroom agriculture and other fermentation decomposition and water-drying plant.The equipment is built for aerobic fermentation to cooperate with solar-fermentation room, fermentation groove and removing apparatus for line. With removing apparatus for line, one equipment can turn compost for multiple grooviest cooperated groove which we provide can output continuous or in batch.


High efficiency, smooth and steady running, sturdy and durable and Evenly turning.

Working Elements

The Our double-spiral compost turning machine is composed with four-direction horizontal moving device, lifting device for spiral blades, power device for spiral blades control cabinet. While using two spiral blades spiraling opposite to turn and flip the raw material, the machine moves in four directions. This can let material contact with oxygen thoroughly to achieve better aerobic fermentation and compost temperature cooling.

Performance Features

Automatic Control: All under the control of PLC cabinet. Manual or automatic control as needed.

Equipment structure: Compacted and Strong.

Aerobic fermentation prefers: Cooperate with solar energy fermentation room, fermentation groove and removing apparatus for line


Turning depth(m)1.2~1.8

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