the Advantages of Chicken Manure Organic Fertilizer

First, to promote the plant growth
Mainly through the chicken manure organic fertilizer functional bacteria in the plant root colonization. This effect is manifested by the production of functional bacteria to promote plant growth, unlike the addition of hormones in dry chicken feces.
Second, to improve plant disease prevention and control ability.
There are three main ways of acting on pathogens:
1, antagonism: produce antagonist substances directly inhibit pathogen growth.
2, the role of competition: from the absorption and utilization of nutrients and other aspects of the inhibition of pathogen growth, under normal circumstances this strain grows fast.
3, parasitic effects. To pathogen as parasitic, direct parasitic pathogen in the pathogen causing death.
Note: These three methods of disease resistance and disease prevention are often cross.
Third, improve fertilizer utilization
In the current chicken manure organic fertilizer market was more publicity, mainly nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and so on. There are three main types of nitrogen fixation:
1, symbiotic nitrogen fixation: rhizobia mainly, bacteria host has specificity, strong nitrogen fixation ability, mainly in the leguminous plants symbiotic nitrogen fixation. However, because this type of bacteria are Gram-negative bacteria, is not conducive to preservation, as a product for shelf sales more difficult, so the general is to get the species that is used to dress.
2, self-generated nitrogen fixation: bacteria in the field showed no nitrogen or nitrogen capacity is very small.
3, combined nitrogen fixation: the strain is relatively specific, strong ability, but the current research and promotion of the application of less, therefore, must beware of product packaging exaggerated nitrogen fixation capacity.
Fourth, water and drought, soil repair, degradation of pesticides and other functions.

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