Rotary Drum Screener

Rotary Drum Screening Machine

Product description: With high-efficiency, our fertilizer rotary drum screening machine is used for separating the returned materials and the finished products. Meanwhile the rating and classifying of finished organic & compound fertilizer plant.

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1.Production Description
Widely applicable to screening solid material , particle size less than 300mm. Screening capacity : 60 tons / hour ~1000 tons / hour

1). High screening efficiency. The device is provided with a plate type sieve cleaning mechanism. The screen will never be blocked.
2). Good working environment. The whole screening mechanism is designed in the sealed dust cover. Thoroughly eliminate the dust in the screening. Improve the working environment.
3). Low noise.
4).Long service life.
5).Convenient maintenance.

Comprehensive utilization power plant ( mainly circulating fluidized bed boiler) based on combustion of low-quality coal rapidly rises in China. Taking coal ore, coal slime as fuel usually makes it sticky, wet, dirty, miscellaneous etc. There is screen blocking, low screening efficiency, crusher wear and high energy consumption phenomenon of coal handling system. The Trommel Screen is a common equipment in the production of compound fertilizer. It is mainly used for the separation of finished product and returning material .

The machine can also achieve product classification, so that the finished product can be evenly classified. The Trommel Screen is composed of five parts, a roller, a machine frame, a hopper, a speed reducer and an electric motor. Materials enter the roller from the feed inlet. On one hand, during the rotation of the roller the materials are screened. By the same time,the big particle size materials flow along the roller. Materials are gradually screened through the sieve of different mesh. After the materials are screened out, they will fall into the respective hopper. Then materials will be transported manually or they will flow automatically to the finished product piles . The machine adopts the combined type screen, easy to maintenance and replacement. Simple structure, convenient operation and stable operation, an ideal equipment of the production of compound fertilizer.