Horizontal Mixer

Manure Horizontal Fertilizer Mixer for Sale

Horizontal Mixer

  • Product description: Efficient and Steady Mixer!!

Our horizontal type mixer is constituted by U shape shell,spiral ribbon blade,and drive component.The machine set double-layer spiral blades to the main drive axle.Inner spiral blade deliver materials to outside while outer spiral blade do the opposite.With the contrary motion of the double layer spiral blades,the machine create a efficient and low power mixing environment.The double layer spiral blades also mix all materials evenly and thoroughly in maximum range.

While working,the inner spiral blade drive materials near the axle and push them from inside to outside.The outer spiral blade drive materials new the shell and push them from outside to inside.Materials exchange crosswise ,mix and expand to achieve the best mixing effect.

Horizontal Mixer
Inner Struture
Horizontal Mixer instore

The machine function well with sticky or agglomerate powder or granule or mix with liquid and mash.Compared to other mixers,our equipment has advantages like shorter mixing time,wider adaption,no damage to materials ,easy cleaning and maintenance.Mixing processing won’t press or crush materials,so the machine also suits for spackling compound,stone-like coating,dry powder,putty,medicine,food,chemical materials,feeding materials,ceramic,fire resistant materials and other materials(The mix of solid and solid,solid and liquid,solid and mesh,especially sticky matter).

High efficient and anti-abrasion with little ground use.

Low noise.The machine use reducer to drive the axle smoothly and noiseless.

Reasonable structure.Feed materials from the top and output them from the bottom.

Steady running.

Technique Parameter

ParameterRotor Diameter(mm)Capacity(t/h)Power(kw)Weight(t)