Chain plate compost turner

Chain plate compost turner

Product description: New type compost turner.The First of tits kind in China.

New Type of Compost Turner

Our link-plate style compost turner is the first of its kind in China.Promoting aerobic continuous fermentation which proceed in the solid organic waste tank,It integrate all innovations to reach the lead level in China.It is suitable for deep-tank aerobic fermentation which use solid organic waste as raw materials,such as livestock and poultry feces,sludge,garbage etc.While moving along the tracks of the fermentation tank,the machine turn the compost with high efficiency and wide-distance moving.By its function,it promote the speed of raw material’ fermentation and thoroughly decomposition and it can decrease water content and improve fertilizer quality.The equipment can be customized according to the size of the fermentation groove.


1.The size of the groove is 1.2m minimum in deep,12m maximum in width.The equipment has less fermentation circles with high daily and annually production ability.

2 Requiring no high pressure forced oxygen supply equipment,the machine can feed raw material evenly with no dead zone in the turning period.It can make material translation and aerobic fermented more evenly.It also have the function of automatic relocating material in stacking process.Fixed copper slide-corner cable can be placed on the side of fermentation groove to make sure it is safe,reliable,wearable and easy maintenance.

3 The innovations of the equipment:

(1) It can Thoroughly use the space of the deep groove to achieve automatic material output.

(2) It can use limited ground area to realizing the harmless dispose of organic waste in large scale.

4 With compact structure and advanced craft,the equipment can use the benefit micro-organism’ ability to promote organic waste’ thoroughly decay.Its unique pool-type continuous aerobic fermentation technology can make organic waste decay thoroughly and fast to reduce water content,eliminate germs,remove odor,make waste material harmless and achieve the goals of  recycling and reduction.Also,with low power consumption,the equipment can product steadily and quality-guaranteed.

5 The equipment can automatic control the process of turning fermentation material intelligently.The material move backward gradually and continuously in same distance to reach a process of continuous aerobic fermentation.

6 The equipment can cooperate with Automatic feeding and outputting material equipment.Multiple use for one machine and Save human and equipment resources.

Working Deep(m)1.2~1.8  

Shield compost turner

Groove Type Compost Turner

Shield compost turner
Warranty 12months
Condition new
Product description: Shield Compost Turner Equipment is manufactured by Easy Farming with years of experience of organic material processing at Actual Plant Site.This equipment is composed by transmission device,lifting d

Shield Compost Turner Equipment is manufactured by Easy Farming with years of experience of organic material processing at Actual Plant Site.This equipment is composed by transmission device,lifting device,moving device,material turning device,relocating device.

While the machine is working,three-dimensional moving device function under the arch-shape in lengthways,crosswise and upward.The transmission device drive the rabble blade of straight shrank shape to break the big bulk of material.At the same time,the raw material regularly move backward same distance in a continuous gradually way,which can promote a continuous aerobic fermentation process.

The equipment has scientific structure designed with no limitation of the deep and wide of the fermentation tank.It also has the advantages of highly automation and efficiency,low power consumption,easy operation and low price!

ModelDG-6000DG -8000DG-10000DG-12000
Turning deep(m)1.2~1.8