Automatic Packing Scale

• Product description: We manufacture high-quality and automatic organic & compound fertilizer packager which can realize quantitative and intelligent packaging during fertilizer production.

1 Production Introduction
With the rapid development of modern science and technology and the increasing level of packaging technology, manufacturers put forward higher requirements to the packaging of materials .Not only  require high speed, high precision, but also  require automation, and even require the a variety of form of packaging. The packaging machine of our company is a fast and quantitative packing machine set, which is a set of weighing, sewing, packing and conveying.
Organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer,and other powder or granularity material.
Various industries


(1 )Advanced microcomputer control.

(2 )Automatic error self-correction,alarm of overproof,error self diagnose.

(3) All stainless steel in the parts contacting the material,long service-life.(Customized available)

(4) electrical engine made by aluminum alloy using electrodeless speed governing.

(5) Printer port and RS232 port reserved for future expend and data translating

(6) With auto-control meter,material feeding can be guaranteed in both speed and accuracy.

(7) Manual work to put on packing bag and double air cylinder for package holding. Reliable working method and easy operation.

(8) The high sensitivity meter read fast with powerful programming.The standard interface in the meter allow communication with computer.

(9) Fast weighting,accurate calculating,powerful program,standard interfaces,reliable quality,easy maintain.

(10) Control cabinet use sealing protection to service in the dust environment.

5.Technical Parameter

weight range (kg)50
Division value (g)10
Weighing accuracy0.2%F,S
Weight speed (bag/h)200-350
Operation environment,power supplyrelative humidity≤90%AC   200V   50HZ
electricity, gas consumption1.0KW  0.4-0.8Mpacompressed air1m³/h