Vertical Disc Mixer

• Product description: Powerful and Steady Vertical Disc Mixer-The specialist in mixing all materials.

Vertical disc mixer is composed by mixing disc,mixing arm,machine shelf,gear box and transmission-mechanism.The main frame use carbon-steel plate and box iron.The inner disc use polypropylene plate or stainless plate which is anti-abrasion and  the material can come out clean.The transmission mechanism use cycloidal pin gear speed reducer to drive the main axle.The mixing part use driving wheel to rotate the main axle thorough pin coupling.Materials are evenly and thoroughly turned and mixed to reduce the residual.The machine has less power consuming,small size,fast mixing,and ability to work successively.

Working Theory

The vertical mixer use a electromotor to drive a reducer which drive a main axle which drive mixing teeth to mix materials.


High Efficiency:Use highly abrasion-resistant alloy to achieve efficient mixing.

Low noise:Use the reducer to drive.Steady with lower noise.

Reasonable structure:Feed materials from the top and output them from the bottom.


Discharging Capacity(L)350
Charging Capacity(L)560
Max Mesh(mm)40
Main Axle Diameter(r/min)35
Boundary Dimension(mm)1300X1200