Groove Type Compost Turner

Groove Type Compost Turner

Product description: Groove Type Compost Turner, a powerful machine in compost fertilizer production.


Rotary tillage type compost turning machine is good at turning the whole groove at the same time. The material is turning evenly in the same cross section up and down. The big block in the groove can be crushed by the rotary-tillage turning blade. The machine has the features of turning massively, thoroughly, steadily with low price, which makes the machine the first choice for Industrialized organic fermentation and fertilizer plant.

Rotary tillage type compost turning machine can be used for the turning for the fermentation of livestock and poultry feces, slurry and garbage, lime sludge in sugar plant, residues, straw and sawdust and other organic waste. It is widely used in the work-ground like organic fertilizer plant, compound fertilizer plant, sludge and garbage dispose plant, garden plant, mushroom agriculture and other fermentation decomposition and water-drying work.


1 Double layer framework with balance-weight cabinet, the machine can operate steadier to avoid off track and slipping.

2 The equipment is built for aerobic fermentation to cooperate with solar-fermentation room, fermentation groove and removing apparatus for line. With removing apparatus for line, one equipment can turn compost for multiple grooves.

3 The cooperated groove which we provide can output continuous or in batch.

4 All under the control of PLC cabinet. Manual or automatic control as needed.

5 High efficiency, smooth and steady running, sturdy and durable and Evenly turning with Extreme low malfunction.


ModelPower(kw)Working depth(M)Capacity(m³/h)

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