Rotary Drum Cooling Machine/High Quality Rotary Drum Cooler

• Product description: We are dedicated to manufacture high-quality organic & compound fertilizer cooling machine. Our rotary drum fertilizer cooling machine is with high-output, high efficiency and reasonable price.

Introduction of Fertilizer Rotary Drum Cooling Machine
Rotary drum cooler is used for cooling fertilizer with certain temperature and particle size in fertilizer industry. The fertilizer cooler has been an essential and indispensable part in fertilizer production line. It consists of cylinder, spiral plate, lifting board, hopper and cooling pipe system. The rotary drum cooling machine can combine with the rotary dryer to remove the dust and clean the exhaust together, which can improve the cooling efficiency and the rate of thermal energy utilization, reduce labor intensity, and further remove moisture of the fertilizer. Generally, the inlet temperature of materials is 60°-80°, while the outlet temperature is less than 40°. Besides, the fertilizer cooling machine manufactured by us can also be used to cool other powder and granules materials.

Features of Fertilizer Rotary Drum Cooling Machine

1. This rotary cooling machine uses high quality anti-corrosion and wear-resistant materials which greatly improve the service life of the machine.
2. Drive parts, the important parts of the machine, are made of high quality steel and have passed the strict quality requirements. The drive speed reduction unit adopts Nylon Pin Coupling to transfer drive.
3. Reasonable design of lifting board helps to maximize heat transfer between the high-temperature material and the cooling air. It can improve the cooling efficiency and cool the materials evenly.
4. Convenient maintenance, compact structure, reliable quality and great adaptability.

Working Principle of Fertilizer Rotary Drum Cooling Machine This fertilizer rotary drum cooling machine adopts heating exchange method to cool materials. It is equipped with welded steel spiral scraping wings in front of the tube, lifting board at the end of the rotary body, and auxiliary piping system in the feed end of the cooling machine. The belt and pulley are driven by the main motor and through the reducer the drive shaft is put in motion. The open gear installed on the driving shaft and big bear ring installed on the body working together under the rotation of drive shaft. The evaporator absorbs heat and the condenser emits heat. With the working of fan, moist air enters from the left air inlet and takes heat exchange through evaporator to achieve the purpose of insulation and dehumidification of air. After being dried by rotary drying machine, fertilizer granules are sent into the cylinder through the feed box. In the rotating tube, the materials are picked by the lifting board and spread evenly. The high temperature materials interact with the upstream of the cold air and the heat within the materials diffuse to the surface and taken away. Then the materials are collected through discharging hole.

Application of Fertilizer Rotary Drum Cooling Machine
The fertilizer rotary drum cooling machine manufactured by us is widely used for cooling compound fertilizer, organic fertilizer and other powder materials and particles. The rotary cooler can be used in many different industries, such as metallurgy materials, construction materials, food industry, light industry, chemical industry, mining industry, cement production lines etc. It has earned good reputation in Asia, and Africa etc.