How Do You Get Successful In the Organic Fertilizer Industry?

The organic fertilizer market was worth over 8 billion in 2020. More and more people are interested in organic fertilizers because they want to get away from chemical fertilizers. However, it takes skill to make organic fertilizing to work because the soil has to be properly broken down to see results.

The industry is diverse, and it includes organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer consists of plant-based (decomposed vegetables or plants) or animal-based materials (human excrement or other animal matter.) They are natural and do not consist of artificial materials.

Here’s how do you get successful in the organic fertilizer industry:

1. Study the business:

You can’t expect to win in the organic compost business plan if you don’t study the market and write a detailed business plan. What are existing businesses doing? What do you need to set up such a business? Are you able to run such a business without any toxic materials?

2. Your business needs to be located in a suitable place:

An organic fertilizers business plan should be located in the right place. Organic materials of this matter can give off a strong, offensive odor. Not only should you be able to deal with it, but you should have your business located far enough away from other homes and companies.

3. You need to have the correct startup costs:

As with most businesses, you must have the appropriate startup costs. To start a compost fertilizer manufacturing process, the minimum price is approximately $7,500. The maximum is about $60,000. To come to an average for startup costs, you’re looking at roughly $33,000.

4. Manure is your best bet:

Even though organic fertilizer can be made of other substances other than animal matter, manure is your best bet. It will allow for ongoing resources and better success. Composting hog manure is a good option. Cattle manure is also an option, but you have to ensure the nitrogen levels are correct.

5. The organic fertilizer industry is not heavily regulated:

The USDA does not regulate organic fertilizers. So even though a product may say “organic fertilizer,” that doesn’t mean it’s entirely organic. However, farms do receive stamps of approval from local organizations. So if you’re farm is genuinely not an organic fertilizer farm, not only will you not receive one of these certifications, but you could also be heavily fined. Some farms go for an OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) review. It is not a certification or a regulation, but it does provide some credibility for being an organic fertilizer distributor.

The most important things you can do to become successful in the organic fertilizer industry are to study the method to ferment manure for fertilizer and have the right location to start, have the money for your startup costs, ensure that your business is adhereing to what is genuinely an organic business, and to use the right fertilizer process technology. As with all businesses, it’s better to take the time to do it right than to rush into it.

How to Buy a Quality Compost Turner ?

Once you decide to start an organic fertilizer making business, do not rush to start it. It is now the best time to look for high-quality equipment for making organic fertilizers. Buying a quality compost turner can improve your productivity and increase your profits.

It is easy to use a compost turner to turn agricultural waste and animal manurer into high-quality organic fertilizers. You can use your compost turner to make the materials more uniform and looser to improve the quality of your compost. It is, therefore, essential to buy a quality compost turner.

Here is how to buy a quality compost turner:

Buy from a Manufacturer with Several Years of Experience

There are so many manufacturers of making compost turners. The best manufacturers have been making compost turners and other equipment for several years. And they usually have a good reputation.

You can buy their compost turners. These compost turners are more likely to last longer. It is difficult to trust new manufacturers, especially if they do not have a proven track record.

Read Customer Reviews Before Buying a Compost Turner

It is easy to find online reviews. Online reviews can help you make the right decision. The people, who write online reviews, have used these machines. They use the internet to share their experience.

High-quality compost turners get good reviews. People love using them. They highly recommend these compost turners. It is very important to buy compost turners with good customer reviews.

Buy a Quality Compost Turner Online

If you do not want to spend your time talking to different local sellers and manufacturers, you can buy  quality compost turner on the internet. There are several websites selling compost turners.

It is, however, better to check the reputation of the online sellers. It is easy to get scammed on the internet. If the online seller has a good reputation, it means they sell high-quality compost turners.

Be Willing to Spend More Money on a Quality Compost Turner

It is easy to find cheap and expensive compost turners on the market. Unfortunately, some people buy the cheapest compost turners to save money.

If you are serious about growing your organic fertilizer making business, you need to buy high-quality compost turners.

It is, however, expensive to buy the highest-quality compost turner on the market. Do not worry about the cost of a quality compost turner. The compost turner can help you recover money. You will make even more money with your compost turner.

Get Recommendations

If you buying a compost turner for the first time, talk to people with more experience with this equipment. They can recommend the right manufacturer since they might have used compost turners from different manufacturers.

In addition, they do not recommend certain compost turners since they had a bad experience with these compost turners. Getting recommendations is one of the easiest ways of buying a quality compost turner.

In Summary

A quality compost turner not only improves productivity. It also produces high-quality organic fertilizers. It is, therefore, beneficial to invest in a quality compost turner. It is better to buy your compost turner from a reliable and experienced manufacturer.

How You Can Turn Your Composting Pile Faster To Increase The Composting Process

How You Can Turn Your Composting Pile Faster To Increase The Composting Process

Composting is really a process which takes several months. It is a natural system or decomposition through what is referred to as the aerobic method. The organic waste which you area in a pile will decompose. However, it may take plenty of time unless you turn the pile over. This permits for your aeration of your bacteria inside the pile to accelerate the process of decomposition. You can do this by hand, or use a machine or apparatus to accelerate this method significantly. This is the way you are able to turn a composting pile automatically, using different apparatuses, that will accelerate the composting process significantly.


Exactly How The Composting Process Occurs

The method starts off with microorganisms that will start to disintegrate existing organic matter. This aerobic process will lead to the byproducts of hummus, heat, water, ammonia, and in addition fractional co2. There are actually three separate stages for example the mesophilic, thermophilic, and cooling process. Essentially, everything will warm up, which byproducts is going to be produced, eventually producing the compost.

Why Turning The Compost Pile Accelerates Composting

The reason composting occurs is because of the microorganisms. However, in the pile containing excessively much carbon-based material, this technique can be really slow. The microorganisms, like all other living entity, will require entry to oxygen. By turning the compost pile over, you aerate the pile, thus minimizing the volume of carbon in connection to the microorganisms. Simultaneously, additionally you give them more oxygen.

Are There Any Machines That May Accomplish This?

You can find alternative methods of composting animal manure . Use a simple apparatus where you put the compost within a drum that is turned frequently. The other option is to make a long row of composting material. Then you can make use of a large machine, that you could drive directly on the compost, turning the fabric as you move along. All of these will accelerate the process of composting. It really is determined by simply how much compost you want to produce.


Machines For Accelerating Composting

The 2 best choices is determined by simply how much compost you need to produce. A compost tumbler is an excellent solution to get a small farming operation or perhaps a garden. This really is a drum that one could manually turn by cranking it from time to time. This will cause the information to tumble inside. One other option is to try using an organic waste compost turner. This will simply be driven over the top of the the compost piles to make the fabric. Both these will increase the speed where compost will likely be produced while not having to do too much by any means.


Through the use of these simple systems for accelerating composting, you can implement these together with your small or large business operations. The cost of each machine will depend on just how many you require as well as the manufacturer that you obtain from. You might even be thinking about getting multiple units if you wish to expand your small business operations. The greater number of compost you will need to deal with, the better it will be to correctly fertilize the soil where your crops will grow.

Factors That Affect The Decline Of The Composting Rate Of The Self-Propelled Compost Turner?

Turning your compost pile is an important part of creating healthy soil, but turning waste into compost is a cumbersome job. You can make this task easier by investing a self-propelled composting turning facility. This kind of machine does all the hard work for you, so you won’t need to do anything but feed your raw material into it and watch over it while it operates.

Did you know, however, that there are factors that affect the composting rate of self-propelled compost turners? In this post, we’ll explore the main reasons why your composting rate might be slowing down and what you can do to get it back on track.

The composting rate of the self-propelled turner declines under the influence of several factors such as temperature, humidity, moisture content, carbon-nitrogen ratio, oxygen content, aeration interaction, pH value and particle size. Let’s take a closer look at each of these factors, in order for you to gain a better understanding of the composting process and of the things you can do to boost the composting rate of your self-propelled compost turner.

The temperature is one of the factors that are beyond your control, so there’s not much you can do about it. However, you can adjust the compost turning parameters of your machine, in order to ensure a slow decomposition rate and a long fermentation process.

The carbon-nitrogen ratio is something you can use to your advantage when it comes to creating high-quality compost to fertilize your crops with. You should know that different materials have different carbon-nitrogen ratios. For best results, you may want to process materials that have similar C:N ratios. For example, cow manure has a C:N ratio of 20:01, very similar to the one of coffee grounds. This means you can safely mix the two materials to obtain high-quality compost by using a self-driven making compost machine. Similarly, bark and sawdust have very similar C:N ratio. Before starting your composting process, you have to ensure you do know how to mix and match these materials for a maximum of effect.

Moisture is another factor that influences the composting rate of your machine. The role of moisture is to promote the absorption of nutrients by microorganism. Ideally, composting raw materials should have a 50% to 60% water content. Too low moisture would make organic matter hard to decompose, as it would slow down the microorganism activity. The result would be a slowing down of the composting speed, leading to anaerobe decomposition. Your compost would stink and it would be low in nutrients. Remember that the moisture of your composting material is tightly connected to the ventilation capacity of your machine.

One of the factors worth paying close attention to is the particle size of composting raw material. Lowering the size of the pellets will help increasing the surface area of the granules, and therefore increase the composting speed by intensifying the activity of microorganism.

Your main goal should be to obtain stable and mature compost that doesn’t cause adverse effects on humans. This is why you should do your best to control the composting process as closely as possible.

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How To Find And Buy The High Performance Self-Propelled Compost Turner?

It’s a good plan to really look into a high performance self-propelled compost turner before you spend money on one. There are a few on the market and not all of them are going to be worth the money. Here is a quick overview of how to find the right option.

You’re going to need to know what a good price is to pay for a self-propelled compost turner so you know whether it’s worth the money or not. There are always going to be sellers that want you to pay a lot more for what they have than what it should be worth. The reason for this is because some sellers know that some people just don’t do their research on what they are buying. Once you know what a few companies are wanting for what they are selling, you can go with what is a decent price overall.

Make sure the fermentation equipment of self-walking type is high quality so you know whether it’s going to be worth working with. There will always be some on the market that aren’t that great because they weren’t built with quality in mind. So, you’re going to want to look up information on what you are thinking of buying so you know what you’re getting for your money and you know what to avoid in general. Try your best to stick with what is worth it so you come out of this as a customer that is happy with their purchase.

Reviews are a good way to find out which of the options on the market are going to be a good idea to invest in. Sometimes, you’ll find that a lot of reviews tell you not to buy something and that’s why you should listen to what people are saying in reviews. If many people tell you not to waste money on something that’s for sale, then it’s wise to listen to them. When you buy something with a solid reputation, you’ll know that you are spending money on something that is very much worth the price you’re paying.

There are going to be some high performance self-propelled compost turner options that come with some kind of protection plan. For instance, you may be able to get a warranty on what you are buying so that you have a way to get some help if you have it break down on you. If you can’t get a warranty, then try to look for a seller that at least has a return policy of some kind. That will protect you just in case you get the compost turner in your hands only to find out that it’s having issues that need to be dealt with.

Now is the time to get out there and obtain the high performance self-propelled compost turner. Some on the market are worth it while others may not be. Just take what you learned here and use it if you want to come out of this as a happy owner of this kind of machinery.

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Which Aspects Will Affect The Quality Of An Organic Fertilizer Production Line?

Are you currently making all of the organic fertilizer for your business? If you are, it is likely that you have a product that does all of this for you. There are many components associated with a fertilizer production line that is highly efficient. Proper maintenance of these components is the key to maintaining high levels of production. There are certain aspects of these components that will affect your overall efficiency levels. If you know how to maintain each part, the entire apparatus will function at the highest levels of efficiency. If you are ready to improve efficiency levels with your organic fertilizer production line, follow the simple recommendations.

How Does It Produce Fertilizer?

The production of fertilizer is a very straightforward process. Even if you did not have a modern machine to help you, the process of converting manure into fertilizer has been done the same way for decades. It begins with the raw manure, which will be turned repetitious, allowing the aeration of the microbes in the material so that the chemical processes can occur. If you do need several tons of fertilizer on an hourly basis, larger fertilizer production lines will be needed. There are certain aspects of these machines that can affect the overall quality of the fertilizer.

What Aspects Can Affect Organic Fertilizer Quality?

The efficiency levels of these machines is often determined by how efficient each individual component tends to be. From the initial deposit of the compost into the apparatus to the conversion of into pellets of fertilizer, you must monitor each and every aspect of this process. Whether you are working with chicken manure, sheep manure, or even rabbit manure, the amount of nitrogen that is stored in the pellets has to do with overall efficiency levels. Finally, consider the type of power that is utilized for this production. Once these factors have been assessed, you can target specific components that can affect how efficient your organic fertilizer production line will be.

Important Components On These Production Lines

There are so many different components associated with these machines. For example, if you want to create powder fertilizer, it must utilize a fertilizer turning machine. There should also be a bagging machine for capturing all of the material you are using. There should also be a fertilizer crusher, mixer, and a turning component that will work automatically. If each of these is operating at the highest efficiency levels possible, your production line is going to be at its absolute best. You may also minimize the amount of labor that is needed to maintain and operate these machines. If this is a new fertilizer production line for organic materials, all of these factors must be considered before making your purchase.

Obtaining a new organic fertilizer production line can be a difficult task. It is much easier when you know which aspects of these production lines will assist you in maintaining high quality materials. Once set up, you can then test the entire system out. It should be extremely efficient, especially if you have properly assessed each production line in the components that it uses. You will soon have a fully functional organic fertilizer product that will make as much fertilizer as you need.

Benefits & Advantages Of Using A Small Scale Compost Turner For Gardening Purposes

Composting enriches soil and helps facilitate the natural processes of the environment by reusing organic resources. Once you discover the advantages of using a fermenting equipment with small capacity, you’re going to to want one for your garden. Learn more about composting and how it is helping people achieve a more sustainable lifestyle. Reduce waste, conserve natural resources and improve your garden and entire landscape using a small scale compost turner.

Composting helps to neutralize the acidity of your soil, which certainly is going to help make your lawn and garden healthier and more robust. You are much less likely to have to deal with soil erosion, too. You want nutrient rich soil if you are going to grow a garden and maintain a beautiful landscape.

One of the key benefits to composting is that it is good for the environment overall. For starters, you’re reducing the amount of waste that makes its way to the landfill. You’re recycling both kitchen and yard waste, creating different types of compost for various uses. Reusing this waste to help make the soil nutrient rich is a more sustainable way to live. More and more people are starting to think outside the box after discovering the advantages of using a small scale compost turner.

Why do you need the compost turner? It is important to turn the compost regularly, fluffing it to create pockets of oxygen and moisture. Additionally, compost turners help to cool the compost heaps, preventing important microorganisms from being killed due to extreme temperatures.

Do you currently use chemical fertilizers to keep your lawn and garden looking great? Composting can help you stop using chemical fertilizers, which is a win-win. You help the environment by composting, and you help the environment by no longer using chemical fertilizers.

Does the area in which you live suffer from droughts? Composting helps to increase the moisture in soil, reducing your overall need for irrigation of any kind. Dry soil often forms a crust, too. Composting is said to help prevent that crust from forming, which of course helps the moisture penetrate the soil.

If you are growing vegetables, you want quality produce. It’s no secret that composting helps to produce more nutrient-rich, quality produce. Not only do you get better produce, but you can significantly increase your yields. Whether you’re growing a simple garden or farming acreage, composting improves your overall yield and helps to reduce the mortality rates of your plants.

About one-third of the waste that makes it into the landfills is either yard waste or food waste. All of this material can be used for composting. Now you can see just how big of an impact everyone could have on the environment if composting was the norm.

The small scale composting equipment is going to dispose the environment problems caused by improper composting. Save that waste and create your compost heap. Turn it, use it, and share this knowledge with others. Composting is a huge step towards a more sustainable and responsible lifestyle. Your land will thank you, and you will enjoy all the benefits, including the tastiest, highest-quality produce.

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TEL: + 86 180 3757 2883

What Will Affect The Efficiency Levels Of A Wheel Type Compost Turner Machine?

When you have access to a wheel type compost turner machine, you may not realize how efficient these actually are until you use them. The efficiency levels can be quite high, due to this automated process by which compost is rotated automatically. Obtaining one of these machines can be costly, unless you are able to find a business that is able to produce them for less. If you want the highest efficiency levels possible with a compost turner machine, you will want to invest a wheel type version that is highly regarded by people that produce compost regularly.

Wheel type compost turner machine

How Are These Utilized?

These are typically regarded as auxiliary equipment. They are capable of converting organic materials into compost through a fermenting process. In many cases, there will be cranes that will be used in the process, specifically smaller ones, that will have wheels, a driving system, and chains that are part of the process. Using the chain drive mechanism, the wheel organic manure composting machine will begin to turn, and through regular churning of the material, fertilizer can be produced. These tend to be high performance machines, capable of producing 3 m of compost in-depth, with the width of 30 m or greater with no problems at all.

What Are The Top Features Of These Machines?

The top features will include a speed regulated trolley, cabinet controlled centralized mechanisms, and a hydraulic lifting system. They will also be capable of providing different turning stands, and the wheel teeth tend to be the most reliable on these units. The key is to mix all of the organic materials properly, which will include mixing and smashing, to achieve the highest amount of compost with the least amount of energy use. If you can obtain a machine that has all of these features, it will be a worthwhile investment.

Working wheel type composting machine

What Can Affect Their Overall Efficiency Levels?

The efficiency of any of the systems has to do with the automatic controls. Most of them are going to utilize a barrier free movement system. Additionally, if they do use a minimal amount of electricity for power, the compact structure of these machines will still allow them to be efficient. When the wheels go up and down, and as it moves forward, you will start to see how this automated system works. In the span of just a few months, sizable amounts of compost can be converted into fertilizer and used at your farm or on your crop.

If you have invested in a wheel type compost turner before, you are likely aware of how beneficial these can be. If you are trying to save money on energy consumption, yet also speed up the process of creating compost and fertilizer, this is what you need. Make sure that the different turning spans are fully customizable. This will give you maximum control over the entire system. Overall, these are extremely efficient, durable, and easy to use which is why so many people invest in wheel type compost turners for their business.

Compost Turning Loading Shovel Truck

• Product description: Our Pile-Turning Loading Shovel Truck is a four-in-one Multiple Functional turning machine. With diesel power and four-wheel drive, the machine can move forward, backward, left and right.

 Our Pile-Turning Loading Shovel Truck is a four-in-one Multiple Functional turning machine. With diesel power and four-wheel drive, the machine can move forward, backward, left and right. It is easy and convenient for one person to drive the truck using a steering wheel.

· The rotary rolling drums and steers inside the fork bucket can process the material with highly efficient crushing, evenly mixing and thoroughly turning while the truck can move in long distance.

· The Turning Forklift truck can be used not only in fertilizer plant, but also in Construction to turn and mix construction materials.

· The equipment is built with strong structure materials and international parts to achieve well rigidity, balanced stress in structure, safe and reliable performance, easy control, adaptable ability for working environment and convenient maintain.

Standard Loading Capacity1600kg3000kg
Standard Bucket Capacity0.7m³1.3m³
Total weight28505800
Engine model4904108Z
Unload height3200mm3600mm
Upload distance800mm908mm
Drive modeFour-Wheel DriveFour-Wheel Drive
Turnaround modeLiquid linkLiquid link
Max speed2840

Self-propelled Compost Turner

• Product description: The self-propelled compost turning machine is suitable for various working condition, not only in open ground, also in workshop and greenhouse. The technical breakthrough is to integrate the crushing function.


Self-propelled compost turning machine is one of the core equipment in Organic fertilizer production plant. With four-wheel propelled, the machine uses one-man control and anti-skid tires. Moving above the strip compost, the equipment turn the material and form a new line. The self-propelled compost turning machine is suitable for various working condition, not only in open ground, also in workshop and greenhouse. The technical breakthrough is to integrate the crushing function for the last period of fermentation. The accessional blade can break the block forming in fermentation process efficient. You can product the fertilizer without an additional crusher, which can low the cost and free the produce ability.

Working process

The machine is one fermentation compost turning equipment combined by two parts: turning device and moving device. The moving device use four wheels, diesel powerband-skid tires, one-man and steering wheel operation. The turning device’ spiral speed is controlled by the accelerator and moving speed is controlled by the gear box. During the working time, the equipment moves above the fermentation strip compost, the spiral blending blade hanging under the framework stir, fluff and relocate the compost. When the machine passed, a new strip compost is formed.


1 Advanced fermentation technology designed. Our FD series Self-propelled compost turning machine is designed according to the microorganism-aerobic fermentation theory to make the best of fermentation space for microorganism.

2 Suitable for the working theory and crafting requirement of microorganism-aerobic fermentation.

3 The machine is built with proper engine, low power consuming, massive production ability. It can reduce the cost of production obviously. According to technology parameters, the miner machine can turn 600-800 cube fresh cow feces (100 manuals turning ability).

4 The machine has reasonable structure: good rigidness, balanced press, simple, strong, safe and reliable performance, easy control, suitable for working environment. Except for the strong framework, the parts are all standardized, which make the equipment easy to maintain.


Working depth(m)1.38

Services of fertilizer turning machine
Pre-sale Service

1.Offering overall technology and business consultation services;
2.Proposing the most suitable scheme and equipment for our customer;
3.Designing and producing machine according to the special demands of clients;
After-sales Service
1.Carefully checking machine in every working procedure, quality comes first;
2.Assisting our clients for foundation construction of equipment’s;
3.Dispatching engineers to install and debug equipment’s, training the first-line operators on site;
4.Regularly visit clients to solve production problems and providing our technology support.
We have more than 15 years’ experience, support you best before and after sales service. Quality is first and top Pursuit of our company.

Wheel Compost Turner

• Product description: Our Double-spiral compost turning machine overcome the normal spiral compost turning machine’ limited problems like low turning depth, small size of working range, big working ground size.


Our Double-spiral compost turning machine overcome the normal spiral compost turning machine’ limited problems like low turning depth, small size of working range, big working ground size. Our equipment can reach 1.6 m in effective working depth and 12m in effective working range, which have promoted working efficiency greatly. The machine is perfectly suitable for the dispose and fermentation of sludge, city waste and etc. Our equipment has PLC programming control which can shift between manual and automatic. Also, with remote control device, you can run the machine accurate and smooth.


Double-spiral compost turning machine can be used for the compost fermentation turning of livestock and poultry waste, sludge and garbage, waste mud of sugar manufacture, residues, straw, sawdust and other organic waste. It is widely used in the work-ground like organic fertilizer plant, compound fertilizer plant, sludge and garbage dispose plant, garden plant, mushroom agriculture and other fermentation decomposition and water-drying plant.The equipment is built for aerobic fermentation to cooperate with solar-fermentation room, fermentation groove and removing apparatus for line. With removing apparatus for line, one equipment can turn compost for multiple grooviest cooperated groove which we provide can output continuous or in batch.


High efficiency, smooth and steady running, sturdy and durable and Evenly turning.

Working Elements

The Our double-spiral compost turning machine is composed with four-direction horizontal moving device, lifting device for spiral blades, power device for spiral blades control cabinet. While using two spiral blades spiraling opposite to turn and flip the raw material, the machine moves in four directions. This can let material contact with oxygen thoroughly to achieve better aerobic fermentation and compost temperature cooling.

Performance Features

Automatic Control: All under the control of PLC cabinet. Manual or automatic control as needed.

Equipment structure: Compacted and Strong.

Aerobic fermentation prefers: Cooperate with solar energy fermentation room, fermentation groove and removing apparatus for line


Turning depth(m)1.2~1.8

Groove Type Compost Turner

Groove Type Compost Turner

Product description: Groove Type Compost Turner, a powerful machine in compost fertilizer production.


Rotary tillage type compost turning machine is good at turning the whole groove at the same time. The material is turning evenly in the same cross section up and down. The big block in the groove can be crushed by the rotary-tillage turning blade. The machine has the features of turning massively, thoroughly, steadily with low price, which makes the machine the first choice for Industrialized organic fermentation and fertilizer plant.

Rotary tillage type compost turning machine can be used for the turning for the fermentation of livestock and poultry feces, slurry and garbage, lime sludge in sugar plant, residues, straw and sawdust and other organic waste. It is widely used in the work-ground like organic fertilizer plant, compound fertilizer plant, sludge and garbage dispose plant, garden plant, mushroom agriculture and other fermentation decomposition and water-drying work.


1 Double layer framework with balance-weight cabinet, the machine can operate steadier to avoid off track and slipping.

2 The equipment is built for aerobic fermentation to cooperate with solar-fermentation room, fermentation groove and removing apparatus for line. With removing apparatus for line, one equipment can turn compost for multiple grooves.

3 The cooperated groove which we provide can output continuous or in batch.

4 All under the control of PLC cabinet. Manual or automatic control as needed.

5 High efficiency, smooth and steady running, sturdy and durable and Evenly turning with Extreme low malfunction.


ModelPower(kw)Working depth(M)Capacity(m³/h)

Chain plate compost turner

Chain plate compost turner

Product description: New type compost turner.The First of tits kind in China.

New Type of Compost Turner

Our link-plate style compost turner is the first of its kind in China.Promoting aerobic continuous fermentation which proceed in the solid organic waste tank,It integrate all innovations to reach the lead level in China.It is suitable for deep-tank aerobic fermentation which use solid organic waste as raw materials,such as livestock and poultry feces,sludge,garbage etc.While moving along the tracks of the fermentation tank,the machine turn the compost with high efficiency and wide-distance moving.By its function,it promote the speed of raw material’ fermentation and thoroughly decomposition and it can decrease water content and improve fertilizer quality.The equipment can be customized according to the size of the fermentation groove.


1.The size of the groove is 1.2m minimum in deep,12m maximum in width.The equipment has less fermentation circles with high daily and annually production ability.

2 Requiring no high pressure forced oxygen supply equipment,the machine can feed raw material evenly with no dead zone in the turning period.It can make material translation and aerobic fermented more evenly.It also have the function of automatic relocating material in stacking process.Fixed copper slide-corner cable can be placed on the side of fermentation groove to make sure it is safe,reliable,wearable and easy maintenance.

3 The innovations of the equipment:

(1) It can Thoroughly use the space of the deep groove to achieve automatic material output.

(2) It can use limited ground area to realizing the harmless dispose of organic waste in large scale.

4 With compact structure and advanced craft,the equipment can use the benefit micro-organism’ ability to promote organic waste’ thoroughly decay.Its unique pool-type continuous aerobic fermentation technology can make organic waste decay thoroughly and fast to reduce water content,eliminate germs,remove odor,make waste material harmless and achieve the goals of  recycling and reduction.Also,with low power consumption,the equipment can product steadily and quality-guaranteed.

5 The equipment can automatic control the process of turning fermentation material intelligently.The material move backward gradually and continuously in same distance to reach a process of continuous aerobic fermentation.

6 The equipment can cooperate with Automatic feeding and outputting material equipment.Multiple use for one machine and Save human and equipment resources.

Working Deep(m)1.2~1.8  

Shield compost turner

Groove Type Compost Turner

Shield compost turner
Warranty 12months
Condition new
Product description: Shield Compost Turner Equipment is manufactured by Easy Farming with years of experience of organic material processing at Actual Plant Site.This equipment is composed by transmission device,lifting d

Shield Compost Turner Equipment is manufactured by Easy Farming with years of experience of organic material processing at Actual Plant Site.This equipment is composed by transmission device,lifting device,moving device,material turning device,relocating device.

While the machine is working,three-dimensional moving device function under the arch-shape in lengthways,crosswise and upward.The transmission device drive the rabble blade of straight shrank shape to break the big bulk of material.At the same time,the raw material regularly move backward same distance in a continuous gradually way,which can promote a continuous aerobic fermentation process.

The equipment has scientific structure designed with no limitation of the deep and wide of the fermentation tank.It also has the advantages of highly automation and efficiency,low power consumption,easy operation and low price!

ModelDG-6000DG -8000DG-10000DG-12000
Turning deep(m)1.2~1.8

New Developed Compost Turner

Brief Introduction

Groove type compost turner

Warranty: 12months
Condition: new
Product description: New organic fertilizer compost turning machine developed by Easy Farming Machinery is here!Six meters pole compost turning machine,Turn fast and efficient.

Grooove Type Compost Turner

Groove type cow dung compost turner
Groove type cow dung compost turner
Groove Type Compost Turner Machine


New organic fertilizer compost turning machine developed by Easy Farming Machinery is here!Six meters pole compost turning machine,Turn fast and efficient.

The equipment is built for aerobic fermentation to cooperate with solar-fermentation room,fermentation groove and removing apparatus for line.With removing apparatus for line,one equipment can turning compost for multiple grooves.

The cooperated groove which we provide can output continuous or in batch.

All under the control of PLC cabinet.Manual or automatic control as needed.

High efficiency,smooth and steady running,sturdy and durable and Evenly turning with Extreme low malfunction.

This is the update version of rotary compost turning machine,which means using more advanced design and technology to solve the problems like limited working ground,overmuch raw material and low working depth.

Six meters pole compost turning machine which also is called Track compost turning machine can be used for the turning for the fermentation of livestock and poultry faeces,slurry and garbage,lime sludge in sugar plant,residues,straw and sawdust and other organic waste.It is widely used in the work-ground like organic fertilizer plant,compound fertilizer plant,sludge and garbage dispose plant,garden plant,mushroom agriculture and other fermentation decomposition and water-drying work.


ModelPower(kw)Working depth(meters)Capacity(m³/h)
EF-400011kw*2+2.2kw*2Contact for detailsContact for details
EF-500015kw*2+2.2kw*2Contact for detailsContact for details
EF-600015kw*2+2.2kw*2Contact for detailsContact for details