Biogas Slurry Water Soluble Fertilizer Plant

• Product description: Top technology

Easy Farming Water-Soluble Fertilizer product plant can product High-End Fertilizer like NY-1107\NY-1428 and soil conditioner.We,Zhengzhou EM Machinery CO.,LTD is one professional fertilizer production plant Factory.With highly advanced technology,We manufacture Organic Fertilizer product plant,Water-soluble Fertilizer product plant,Liquid Fertilizer product plant and other kinds of fertilizer and grain Equipment.

Easy Farming has the advanced technology of  industrial chelation and complexation in Liquid Water-Soluble Fertilizer Production.We also provide the whole package of strict operational process and systematic management.With our equipment and technology,the working efficiency can be promoted by 10%~25%,comparing to the same domestic production plant.We have diversified processing technologies and product  formulas to ensure that our production’ quality all reach or exceed National Standard.

Liquid Water-soluble Fertilizer is a new type of fertilizer which can absolutely solute into water and it is just developed in China in recent years.Liquid Water-soluble Fertilizer has evenly distributed and adequate nutrition with high content of organic matter.So it can achieve the function of vitalizing soil,increasing granular structure,holding water and fertilizer.With the use of Liquid Water-soluble Fertilizer,you can reduce the using amount of chemical fertilizer to make your product more environmental and healthy.The production process of Liquid Water-soluble Fertilizer is similar with the product of BB Fertilizer,but with essentially differences in raw material’ chemical reactions.

Details of EasyFarming’ Liquid Water-soluble Fertilizer production plant

1 Raw Liquid material —->Sediment pot—->(Bacterial breeding machine)—->Solid-Liquid Separating equipment—->Humic Acid Digester—->Finished Product

The easy and quit process totally overtop the old technology of water-process which use flocculatio to achieve superfine sediment.

With our whole-package technology and equipment,the final Liquid Water-soluble Fertilizer production have much more organic material and nutrition which exceed National Standard.

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