How To Make Organic Fertilizer From Cow Dung

The cow dung fertilizer machine allows you to make fertilizer out of cow dung waste. The machine speeds up the process because it can often take months to produce fertilizer the normal way. This machine is a great investment in your business and it will make the process of cow litter fertilizer making go so much faster. Read on to learn how to choose the best machine for your business.

Cow dung is a waste product so it makes sense to do something useful with it. The dung is a hazard and problem in the environment and it needs to be removed. Turning cow dung into fertilizer is the best thing to do with it and it is cheap to produce. Fertilizer is in high demand and you can sell it for a great price and make a lot of money with it. Click here to start making cow dung fertilizer.

The machine makes high quality fertilizer out of cow dung and you can easily sell it and make a lot of money. This machine is one of the best investments and it is both affordable and easy to use. The machine takes the dung and turns it over so it turns into compost so much faster. It’s important to keep the compost rotating if you want to turn cattle manure  into compost faster. When you do this you can drastically cut down the time that it takes to make the compost.

The machine will also take the finished compost and form it into pellets. Turning the compost into pellets is so important and you need to make sure that you choose the machine that will turn the compost into the right size fertilizer pellets for your needs. The machine makes it very easy to make compost and you will end up with uniform compost that looks great. The machine is affordable and it perfects the compost so you can get the highest price for it.

It’s important that you get rid of cow dung and the best way to do this is with a good fertilizer machine. The cow dung processing machine will make it super easy to make fertilizer and you can do a lot with the fertilizer you make. There are so many ways to sell the fertilizer and you can make a lot of money with it.

Quality fertilizer is important and it helps plants grow and helps the environment. The fertilizer can be sold for a great price and you can easily sell it anywhere you want. The machine is easy to use and you won’t need to hire a lot of people to run the machine. There are so many things you can do with the fertilizer and you won’t have problems selling it since fertilizer is in demand. More details please check

When you want to make money and do something good for the environment you need to consider making fertilizer. This affordable fertilizer will make it easy to make money and you get to remove all of the cow dung. The machine will process tons of cow dung with ease and it will make you money fast.

How Do You Get Successful In the Organic Fertilizer Industry?

The organic fertilizer market was worth over 8 billion in 2020. More and more people are interested in organic fertilizers because they want to get away from chemical fertilizers. However, it takes skill to make organic fertilizing to work because the soil has to be properly broken down to see results.

The industry is diverse, and it includes organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer consists of plant-based (decomposed vegetables or plants) or animal-based materials (human excrement or other animal matter.) They are natural and do not consist of artificial materials.

Here’s how do you get successful in the organic fertilizer industry:

1. Study the business:

You can’t expect to win in the organic compost business plan if you don’t study the market and write a detailed business plan. What are existing businesses doing? What do you need to set up such a business? Are you able to run such a business without any toxic materials?

2. Your business needs to be located in a suitable place:

An organic fertilizers business plan should be located in the right place. Organic materials of this matter can give off a strong, offensive odor. Not only should you be able to deal with it, but you should have your business located far enough away from other homes and companies.

3. You need to have the correct startup costs:

As with most businesses, you must have the appropriate startup costs. To start a compost fertilizer manufacturing process, the minimum price is approximately $7,500. The maximum is about $60,000. To come to an average for startup costs, you’re looking at roughly $33,000.

4. Manure is your best bet:

Even though organic fertilizer can be made of other substances other than animal matter, manure is your best bet. It will allow for ongoing resources and better success. Composting hog manure is a good option. Cattle manure is also an option, but you have to ensure the nitrogen levels are correct.

5. The organic fertilizer industry is not heavily regulated:

The USDA does not regulate organic fertilizers. So even though a product may say “organic fertilizer,” that doesn’t mean it’s entirely organic. However, farms do receive stamps of approval from local organizations. So if you’re farm is genuinely not an organic fertilizer farm, not only will you not receive one of these certifications, but you could also be heavily fined. Some farms go for an OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) review. It is not a certification or a regulation, but it does provide some credibility for being an organic fertilizer distributor.

The most important things you can do to become successful in the organic fertilizer industry are to study the method to ferment manure for fertilizer and have the right location to start, have the money for your startup costs, ensure that your business is adhereing to what is genuinely an organic business, and to use the right fertilizer process technology. As with all businesses, it’s better to take the time to do it right than to rush into it.

What Are The Key Steps In The Process Of Creating NPK Fertilizer?

Fertilizer that is produced from nitrogen, potassium, and also phosphorus can be made in mass quantities. It just depends on the type of machinery you have at your disposal and your source for these materials that you will be used to create the compost. In many cases, you will have a large fertilizer production plant, capable of generating tons of this material on a daily basis. NPK is one of the most popular types of fertilizer. If you would like to use it, you can easily find a company that can assist you in producing as much of this material as you need for your business.


What Type Of Machinery What You Need?

The npk plant production unit that you will need will include several different components including a rotating drum, dryer, and a conveyor belt system. These will all be connected together to help you produce the exact amount of fertilizer that you will need for your business. Whether you are selling NPK or using it for your own crops, you can benefit by producing your own material on a daily basis. Keep in mind that you also need a mixer for npk fertilizer, a granulator machine, and a robust dryer drum for the largest scale operations. You can also get smaller units that can produce NPK for you if you have a smaller business.

How Long Will It Take To Get This Machinery

It shouldn’t take very long at all to obtain this equipment for npk granulation. In fact, you should be able to find several different companies that can assist you. They will produce some of the most reliable units in the industry. Many of them will have different sizes of individual machines and very elaborate NPK fertilizer production plants. As you receive estimates from each company, they can tell you how much it will cost and how much production you can expect. This information will be invaluable as you are deciding on which one will offer you the best fertilizer manufacturing plant cost. Once you have placed your order, and will likely take a few weeks for it to arrive.

Reasons To Invest In This Machinery

You may want to consider investing in npk compound fertilizer manufacturing technology if you are currently purchasing hundreds of tons of NPK regularly. It’s better to have full control over the combination of phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium you are using. You can change the ratios, depending upon the crops that you are planting, so that you have the proper balance of nutrients in the soil. It also gives you the added benefit of being able to sell the excess material that you will be producing.

If you need to produce this material regularly, investing in your very own NPK plant would be a good investment. You may not realize how simple it is to locate the companies that are producing them every day. In some cases, you will be able to save a substantial amount on your investment in this machinery. It just depends on how how much research you do, and how much you know about the powder to granules making machine in fertilizer that can produce fertilizer with this unique combination of nutrients.

How To Find An Organic Fertilizer Production Company In India

India is one of the top producers of machines that can produce organic fertilizer. It is a country that relies upon a large amount of agricultural production for crops consumed by people every year. However, they are able to produce these machines at a very low cost. It is for this reason that many businesses, in different countries, will go to India in order to get these machines. Whether you need a machine, or an entire organic fertilizer production plant, they will have something available. To get the best prices on, this is where you should start searching in India to find the right one.

How To Locate These Businesses

Businesses that produce fertilizer production plants and machines are constantly advertising. The companies that are the largest tend to have the best deals on machines and plants that can converting organic waste to fertilizer. Some of these are quite elaborate and will require a large amount of space to house all of the different components. If you need a small machine, those are also available, typically at a very reasonable price point. All of this can be found online by simply searching for organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer in china.

How To Know You Have Found The Right Company

You will have found the best company available once you have considered a couple different factors. First of all, it should be a business that has a large selection of machines and fertilizer production plants available. The cost of biofertilizer production factory will be lower, along with the cost of labor, which is why you will pay less in India in most cases. The quality of the machinery, however, is extremely good and will likely lead to high levels of productivity. Just make sure that the business you are working with is known for the creation top rated chemical fertilizer production plant.

How To Have One Shipped To You

You can have one delivered within weeks anywhere in the world. However, if you are in India, you can probably have it delivered within days. The company that you choose to make the delivery for you should be the same company that is producing compost machine for organic fertilizer. By speaking directly with representatives of the company, you can find out how much this will cost. They can also provide you with the timetable as to when you will receive your and brand-new organic fertilizer production unit.

China is well known as one of the top producers of organic fertilizer production units. From the largest fertilizer production plants, to the fertilizer manufacturing machines, you can always count on high quality machinery. If it is a large apparatus, you will be shipped in multiple crates directly to your place of business. It may take several days to assemble, but once it is running at full capacity, you will never have to worry about having enough organic fertilizer for your business. Additionally, you can also become a supplier for businesses in your area that will need this type of fertilizer. Making this investment will pay for itself many times over, especially if you obtain any of these from India.

How To Buy Useful Animal Manure Granulator

In order to process a substantial amount of animal manure in a timely manner, manure granulator will be the most optimal choice. It is an excellent piece of machinery, designed for converting the manure into pellets that you can use for your crops. These can be quite large, depending upon their capacity for creating pellets that you can package and sell. It can use a wide variety of manure including livestock manure, and poultry farm manure, all of which will have high concentrations of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium for your farm. In order to purchase one that is reasonably priced, let’s look at what your options are when getting an animal manure granulator.

How Do Granulators Create Fertilizer Pellets?

How to granulate organic fertilizer? You are going to need in a machine that can process this material into pellet form. There are several different types of machines that can perform this process. This will include a rotary drum granulating machine, an organic fertilizer granulator, and organic fertilizer disc type granulator machine which are very small but easy to use. All of these are going to work based upon the process of rotation and force. The faster that they spin, the faster you will see pellets made. These can work in conjunction with the drying drum, conveyor belt system, and a storage silo system, helping you to create as many pellets as you need.

Where Can You Buy One Of These Machines?

The companies that specialize in the production of these machines are numerous. There are businesses around the world that charge very fair prices for them, despite their large size or large output capacity. The business that you work with should be well known for its ability to produce quality machinery quickly. If you have a specific request, they should be able to accommodate your desire for a specific type of animal granulator machine. On the web, you will be able to find many different companies that are currently advertising their products that can turning animal waste into fertilizer for you.

Can You Save Money When You Purchase One?

How to make fertilizer granulesfrom animal manure? If you want to save a substantial amount of money on your purchase, you can begin with something relatively small. Pan granulator is are typically what people purchase that do not mind a small amount of output. That is because the size of the granulator is relatively narrow. If you want something larger, such as a granulation drum, you will need a substantial amount of room. Once you have estimates back from different companies that manufacture them, you can choose one that is priced affordably for you.

If you want to accelerate the speed at which you are able to creat fertilizer made from animal dung,  consider using one of the latest animal manure granulator machines on the market. You can buy them online, or you can do this transaction over the phone, leading to the eventual delivery of your manure granulator. The size of the system, and how many components that it has, can affect your final choice. Always keep in mind the size of your farming operations and the overall size of the granulator you will use for this type of project of animal manure biofertilizer production.

How to Buy a Quality Compost Turner ?

Once you decide to start an organic fertilizer making business, do not rush to start it. It is now the best time to look for high-quality equipment for making organic fertilizers. Buying a quality compost turner can improve your productivity and increase your profits.

It is easy to use a compost turner to turn agricultural waste and animal manurer into high-quality organic fertilizers. You can use your compost turner to make the materials more uniform and looser to improve the quality of your compost. It is, therefore, essential to buy a quality compost turner.

Here is how to buy a quality compost turner:

Buy from a Manufacturer with Several Years of Experience

There are so many manufacturers of making compost turners. The best manufacturers have been making compost turners and other equipment for several years. And they usually have a good reputation.

You can buy their compost turners. These compost turners are more likely to last longer. It is difficult to trust new manufacturers, especially if they do not have a proven track record.

Read Customer Reviews Before Buying a Compost Turner

It is easy to find online reviews. Online reviews can help you make the right decision. The people, who write online reviews, have used these machines. They use the internet to share their experience.

High-quality compost turners get good reviews. People love using them. They highly recommend these compost turners. It is very important to buy compost turners with good customer reviews.

Buy a Quality Compost Turner Online

If you do not want to spend your time talking to different local sellers and manufacturers, you can buy  quality compost turner on the internet. There are several websites selling compost turners.

It is, however, better to check the reputation of the online sellers. It is easy to get scammed on the internet. If the online seller has a good reputation, it means they sell high-quality compost turners.

Be Willing to Spend More Money on a Quality Compost Turner

It is easy to find cheap and expensive compost turners on the market. Unfortunately, some people buy the cheapest compost turners to save money.

If you are serious about growing your organic fertilizer making business, you need to buy high-quality compost turners.

It is, however, expensive to buy the highest-quality compost turner on the market. Do not worry about the cost of a quality compost turner. The compost turner can help you recover money. You will make even more money with your compost turner.

Get Recommendations

If you buying a compost turner for the first time, talk to people with more experience with this equipment. They can recommend the right manufacturer since they might have used compost turners from different manufacturers.

In addition, they do not recommend certain compost turners since they had a bad experience with these compost turners. Getting recommendations is one of the easiest ways of buying a quality compost turner.

In Summary

A quality compost turner not only improves productivity. It also produces high-quality organic fertilizers. It is, therefore, beneficial to invest in a quality compost turner. It is better to buy your compost turner from a reliable and experienced manufacturer.

How To Buy An Affordable Animal Manure Pellet Machine

If you own a farm, and you have access to an abundance of animal manure, you may want to consider producing your own fertilizer pellets. It’s a great way to fertilizer soil without having to spend a large amount of money on fertilizer. Other companies may provide this for you, yet it will always be much more expensive than if you produce it on your own. If you are ready to invest in an affordable animal manure pellet machine, you have many different models to choose from.

How Do These Machines Work?

A commercial business involved in farming will always require a substantial amount of fertilizer. In some cases, these same businesses will also be raising animals such as sheep, cattle, goats, and other animals that people consume. When you purchase a granulator for animal manure, you can take the manure that is produced by these animals in converted easily into fertilizer. They can be produced as spherical pellets, or elongated pellets, depending upon the machine you are using. You will also need a way of storing the pellets once they are produced, or transporting them if you are going to sell them to other businesses.

Four Different Types Of Manure Pellet Machines

Perhaps the most hottest manure pellet machine is the disc granulator. This is due to its unique design and size. It can be added very easily to any production line for the creation of fertilizer pellets. Very compact in design and size, it uses a very simple working process. The combination of water, the fertilizer, and the rotating disc, will allow these pellets to be produced. The three other manure pellet machines include a rotary drum churning granulator, a manure pelletizer, and a standard rotary drum granulator.

How Do These Machines Work?

All of these animal manure fertilizer granulating machines function in the same way. They use centrifugal force in order to create the pellets. The spinning motion of the drum, or the pan, can provide this type of rotation. There are different components depending upon the one that you choose to use. There will always be a rolling belt, driving mechanism, gears, and the machine body itself. As the powdery manure agglomerate, combined with water, starts to rotate, the pellets can be made in mass quantities. Once they have dried and solidified, they can be stored or used for your crops.

Where Can You Locate These For Sale?

It is possible to obtain one or more of these systems for making animal manure fertilizer granules from many reliable businesses. If you are willing to pay more money, you can have one delivered quickly by working with the local business. The other option is to obtain one from a company that is outside of your own. Foreign businesses have been producing these for decades. It will allow you to produce as much of the fertilizer pellets as you need in the exact consistency needed for your soil. By combining these materials on a daily basis, you can feel confident that you will never have to worry about needing fertilizer for your crops.

Whether you are using a pan granulator, or a rotary drum granulator, these are unique systems for producing fertilizer pellets from manure. If you do have access to tons of manure from farm animals, you will likely never run out of fertilizer for your business. Regardless of the type of animals that you raise, all of that can be used for this process. Once done, you can count on the quality and quantity of the fertilizer you are producing to enhance your crops year after year.

How You Can Turn Your Composting Pile Faster To Increase The Composting Process

How You Can Turn Your Composting Pile Faster To Increase The Composting Process

Composting is really a process which takes several months. It is a natural system or decomposition through what is referred to as the aerobic method. The organic waste which you area in a pile will decompose. However, it may take plenty of time unless you turn the pile over. This permits for your aeration of your bacteria inside the pile to accelerate the process of decomposition. You can do this by hand, or use a machine or apparatus to accelerate this method significantly. This is the way you are able to turn a composting pile automatically, using different apparatuses, that will accelerate the composting process significantly.


Exactly How The Composting Process Occurs

The method starts off with microorganisms that will start to disintegrate existing organic matter. This aerobic process will lead to the byproducts of hummus, heat, water, ammonia, and in addition fractional co2. There are actually three separate stages for example the mesophilic, thermophilic, and cooling process. Essentially, everything will warm up, which byproducts is going to be produced, eventually producing the compost.

Why Turning The Compost Pile Accelerates Composting

The reason composting occurs is because of the microorganisms. However, in the pile containing excessively much carbon-based material, this technique can be really slow. The microorganisms, like all other living entity, will require entry to oxygen. By turning the compost pile over, you aerate the pile, thus minimizing the volume of carbon in connection to the microorganisms. Simultaneously, additionally you give them more oxygen.

Are There Any Machines That May Accomplish This?

You can find alternative methods of composting animal manure . Use a simple apparatus where you put the compost within a drum that is turned frequently. The other option is to make a long row of composting material. Then you can make use of a large machine, that you could drive directly on the compost, turning the fabric as you move along. All of these will accelerate the process of composting. It really is determined by simply how much compost you want to produce.


Machines For Accelerating Composting

The 2 best choices is determined by simply how much compost you need to produce. A compost tumbler is an excellent solution to get a small farming operation or perhaps a garden. This really is a drum that one could manually turn by cranking it from time to time. This will cause the information to tumble inside. One other option is to try using an organic waste compost turner. This will simply be driven over the top of the the compost piles to make the fabric. Both these will increase the speed where compost will likely be produced while not having to do too much by any means.


Through the use of these simple systems for accelerating composting, you can implement these together with your small or large business operations. The cost of each machine will depend on just how many you require as well as the manufacturer that you obtain from. You might even be thinking about getting multiple units if you wish to expand your small business operations. The greater number of compost you will need to deal with, the better it will be to correctly fertilize the soil where your crops will grow.

How You Can Make Chicken Manure Fertilizer Fast?

If you intend to produce large quantities of chicken manure fertilizer, you’ll need to make sure that you’re able to make that fertilizer as quickly as possible. If you want to create a fast fertilizer production line, you should make sure you keep these tips in mind.


Purchase the Right Equipment

The most essential aspect of any fertilizer production line is the equipment that’s a part of the line. If your line doesn’t have suitable equipment, it’s likely that you won’t be able to meet your production goals. It’s wise to set specific goals before you start looking at equipment so that you can focus on models that are a good match for you.

Take the time to compare different models before you make your final purchase. In addition, you should think about how the equipment you’re buying will work together. If possible, you’ll want to select machinery that will be able to work seamlessly.

Ensure That the Equipment Is Properly Maintained

Not only do you need the right equipment, such as an auto fermentation tank, but you’ll also need to make sure that you keep all of that equipment in excellent condition. A lack of maintenance could cause your equipment to break down, which could lead to costly delays.

What kind of maintenance will your equipment need? While that can vary based on the equipment model that you’ve selected, you can use the manual that came with your equipment as a point of reference. It’s also wise to visually inspect your equipment prior to use to prevent problems.

Consider Buying a Full Production Line

Having the right equipment is important, but you’ll also need to make sure that you’re selecting equipment that works well with the other equipment that you’ve purchased. You may have a better experience overall if you opt to buy a full chicken manure fertilizer production line .


There are many different advantages you’ll be able to enjoy if you do decide to purchase a full production line. It’s likely that you’ll be able to get what you need at a discounted rate, and you can also expect that all of your equipment will work together with minimal issues.

Look at Different Types of Fertilizer Equipment

When you’re exploring your options, you should look at all kinds of equipment. Think about the different types of fertilizer that you can produce. Would a machine that produces pellet fertilizer be your best option, or would you ultimately get better results from another type of equipment.

No matter what kind of equipment you do select, you’ll want to have complete confidence in your final decision. Try to compare many different types of equipment before you make your final choice. Researching your options will help you to find high-quality equipment that is capable of producing chicken manure fertilizer at a very high speed.


The faster you can produce fertilizer, the higher your profits are likely to be. Make sure that you follow this advice so that you can set up a profitable chicken fertilizer production plant. Take the right approach and maximize the efficiency of your plant.

How to Find the Best Manufacturer That Sells Granular Compost Machines

With a granular compost machine, it’s possible to produce compost that’s highly uniform. This is ideal when producing goods to sell to a wide market. To ensure the quality of the granular compost machine that you buy, you’ll want to find the best manufacturer that makes these types of products. Follow this advice so that you can find some of the top companies in this industry.

Make a List of Suitable Products

There are many companies that produce compost machines, which is why you’ll want to focus your attention on brands that offer products that are aligned with your needs. Explore some of your options and put together a list of machines that would be suitable for you.

Once you find machinery that could potentially meet your needs, make a note of the company that manufactured that equipment. These are the brands that you’ll want to learn more about.


Investigate These Brands and See What You Learn

Take that list of brands you have and start doing some research. Learn as much as you can about these companies. Look at the other types of granulation compost equipment they produce. Find out how long the brand has been around for. Seek out any feedback online.

You can find plenty of information about these companies if you go looking for it. During your research, you’ll find that some brands should be crossed off your list while other manufacturers deserve increased attention. This process may also help you find suitable models that you missed during your initial search.

Stick to Well-Established Brands

Manufacturers that are new to the market may make high-quality granular compost machine products, but they may also have issues that are yet to be discovered. That’s why it’s best not to take a chance on companies that are brand-new to this industry. Instead, you should find brands that have been around for at least a few years.

When you’re assessing a manufacturer, you need to be able to look at that brand’s history. If you are unable to do that, you’ll be unable to gather information about the quality of the company’s products. Make sure you’re able to learn everything you need to know about the company behind the product you’re considering.

Find a Reliable Seller

One effective way to find some of the best granular compost machines on the market — and have a smooth buying experience — is to choose the vendor you buy from with care. Respected vendors tend to be careful about the brands that they carry.

If a seller has a positive reputation, it’s likely that the seller puts thought into the brands they carry. Many top sellers have long-standing relationships with manufacturers. Buying from one of the best seller means that you’re likely to buy a product from a brand that seller trusts.

A granular compost machine has the potential to be very profitable, especially if you purchase your granular compost equipment from the right brand. Researching manufacturers ahead of your purchase can help you to find highly efficient products that deliver plenty of value for the price.

Factors That Affect The Decline Of The Composting Rate Of The Self-Propelled Compost Turner?

Turning your compost pile is an important part of creating healthy soil, but turning waste into compost is a cumbersome job. You can make this task easier by investing a self-propelled composting turning facility. This kind of machine does all the hard work for you, so you won’t need to do anything but feed your raw material into it and watch over it while it operates.

Did you know, however, that there are factors that affect the composting rate of self-propelled compost turners? In this post, we’ll explore the main reasons why your composting rate might be slowing down and what you can do to get it back on track.

The composting rate of the self-propelled turner declines under the influence of several factors such as temperature, humidity, moisture content, carbon-nitrogen ratio, oxygen content, aeration interaction, pH value and particle size. Let’s take a closer look at each of these factors, in order for you to gain a better understanding of the composting process and of the things you can do to boost the composting rate of your self-propelled compost turner.

The temperature is one of the factors that are beyond your control, so there’s not much you can do about it. However, you can adjust the compost turning parameters of your machine, in order to ensure a slow decomposition rate and a long fermentation process.

The carbon-nitrogen ratio is something you can use to your advantage when it comes to creating high-quality compost to fertilize your crops with. You should know that different materials have different carbon-nitrogen ratios. For best results, you may want to process materials that have similar C:N ratios. For example, cow manure has a C:N ratio of 20:01, very similar to the one of coffee grounds. This means you can safely mix the two materials to obtain high-quality compost by using a self-driven making compost machine. Similarly, bark and sawdust have very similar C:N ratio. Before starting your composting process, you have to ensure you do know how to mix and match these materials for a maximum of effect.

Moisture is another factor that influences the composting rate of your machine. The role of moisture is to promote the absorption of nutrients by microorganism. Ideally, composting raw materials should have a 50% to 60% water content. Too low moisture would make organic matter hard to decompose, as it would slow down the microorganism activity. The result would be a slowing down of the composting speed, leading to anaerobe decomposition. Your compost would stink and it would be low in nutrients. Remember that the moisture of your composting material is tightly connected to the ventilation capacity of your machine.

One of the factors worth paying close attention to is the particle size of composting raw material. Lowering the size of the pellets will help increasing the surface area of the granules, and therefore increase the composting speed by intensifying the activity of microorganism.

Your main goal should be to obtain stable and mature compost that doesn’t cause adverse effects on humans. This is why you should do your best to control the composting process as closely as possible.

When you have any interest about our self-pushed composting equipment, the following website will help you.

How To Find And Buy The High Performance Self-Propelled Compost Turner?

It’s a good plan to really look into a high performance self-propelled compost turner before you spend money on one. There are a few on the market and not all of them are going to be worth the money. Here is a quick overview of how to find the right option.

You’re going to need to know what a good price is to pay for a self-propelled compost turner so you know whether it’s worth the money or not. There are always going to be sellers that want you to pay a lot more for what they have than what it should be worth. The reason for this is because some sellers know that some people just don’t do their research on what they are buying. Once you know what a few companies are wanting for what they are selling, you can go with what is a decent price overall.

Make sure the fermentation equipment of self-walking type is high quality so you know whether it’s going to be worth working with. There will always be some on the market that aren’t that great because they weren’t built with quality in mind. So, you’re going to want to look up information on what you are thinking of buying so you know what you’re getting for your money and you know what to avoid in general. Try your best to stick with what is worth it so you come out of this as a customer that is happy with their purchase.

Reviews are a good way to find out which of the options on the market are going to be a good idea to invest in. Sometimes, you’ll find that a lot of reviews tell you not to buy something and that’s why you should listen to what people are saying in reviews. If many people tell you not to waste money on something that’s for sale, then it’s wise to listen to them. When you buy something with a solid reputation, you’ll know that you are spending money on something that is very much worth the price you’re paying.

There are going to be some high performance self-propelled compost turner options that come with some kind of protection plan. For instance, you may be able to get a warranty on what you are buying so that you have a way to get some help if you have it break down on you. If you can’t get a warranty, then try to look for a seller that at least has a return policy of some kind. That will protect you just in case you get the compost turner in your hands only to find out that it’s having issues that need to be dealt with.

Now is the time to get out there and obtain the high performance self-propelled compost turner. Some on the market are worth it while others may not be. Just take what you learned here and use it if you want to come out of this as a happy owner of this kind of machinery.

When you require to know more information of self-propelled compost turner, the following website will help you.

Which Aspects Will Affect The Quality Of An Organic Fertilizer Production Line?

Are you currently making all of the organic fertilizer for your business? If you are, it is likely that you have a product that does all of this for you. There are many components associated with a fertilizer production line that is highly efficient. Proper maintenance of these components is the key to maintaining high levels of production. There are certain aspects of these components that will affect your overall efficiency levels. If you know how to maintain each part, the entire apparatus will function at the highest levels of efficiency. If you are ready to improve efficiency levels with your organic fertilizer production line, follow the simple recommendations.

How Does It Produce Fertilizer?

The production of fertilizer is a very straightforward process. Even if you did not have a modern machine to help you, the process of converting manure into fertilizer has been done the same way for decades. It begins with the raw manure, which will be turned repetitious, allowing the aeration of the microbes in the material so that the chemical processes can occur. If you do need several tons of fertilizer on an hourly basis, larger fertilizer production lines will be needed. There are certain aspects of these machines that can affect the overall quality of the fertilizer.

What Aspects Can Affect Organic Fertilizer Quality?

The efficiency levels of these machines is often determined by how efficient each individual component tends to be. From the initial deposit of the compost into the apparatus to the conversion of into pellets of fertilizer, you must monitor each and every aspect of this process. Whether you are working with chicken manure, sheep manure, or even rabbit manure, the amount of nitrogen that is stored in the pellets has to do with overall efficiency levels. Finally, consider the type of power that is utilized for this production. Once these factors have been assessed, you can target specific components that can affect how efficient your organic fertilizer production line will be.

Important Components On These Production Lines

There are so many different components associated with these machines. For example, if you want to create powder fertilizer, it must utilize a fertilizer turning machine. There should also be a bagging machine for capturing all of the material you are using. There should also be a fertilizer crusher, mixer, and a turning component that will work automatically. If each of these is operating at the highest efficiency levels possible, your production line is going to be at its absolute best. You may also minimize the amount of labor that is needed to maintain and operate these machines. If this is a new fertilizer production line for organic materials, all of these factors must be considered before making your purchase.

Obtaining a new organic fertilizer production line can be a difficult task. It is much easier when you know which aspects of these production lines will assist you in maintaining high quality materials. Once set up, you can then test the entire system out. It should be extremely efficient, especially if you have properly assessed each production line in the components that it uses. You will soon have a fully functional organic fertilizer product that will make as much fertilizer as you need.

What Should You Notice When Making Liquid Fertilizer From Chicken Manure?

One of the most potent types of fertilizer that you can use is that which comes from chicken manure. This is a very useful type of fertilizer, especially in liquid form. There are machines that can produce this for you, yet there are other ways to make it. For many people, the manual production of chicken manure is something that is done every day. If you are interested in getting chicken manure-based liquid fertilizer for your business, here is what you need to do.

Why Chicken Manure Is So Useful

Most farmers will understand that it is a wonderful soil amendment. It not only adds a substantial amount of organic material to the soil but can also increase the capacity for the soil to hold water. It is also a biota in soil that can help with the production of any type of crop. In particular, potassium, phosphorus, and an abundance of nitrogen will be provided. You can either place them the newer directly into the soil, or you can let it ferment, which can be done by adding liquid components.

How To Produce Liquid Poultry Manure Fertilizer

The process itself is very simple. You will gather all of your poultry manure into one pile. You could even blend the manure together with different types of organic fertilizer. By using filtered water, you can place this with the manure, and leave it in a container for several days. Once you have poured all of the liquid out, you will then have a very potent kind of fertilizer that will improve your crops dramatically because of the nutrients that this fertilizer tends to have.

How Long Will It Take To Produce All Of Your Fertilizer?

What you will notice initially is that it is very easy to make. All you need is an ample supply of water at your disposal. Containers are also very important. Although you could do this in a simple jar, most people are producing tons of this material for their large farming operations. The process can be expanded by creating a hot compost pile. This is likely the best solution for larger farms that are producing a substantial amount of crops. By turning the manure multiple times, you can increase the potential for developing more fertilizer than ever before. You should also consider using large-scale industrial liquid fertilizer making equipment to help you with this process.

Producing chicken manure is the easy part of this process. Whether you have thousands of chickens, or just a few hundred, you will have more than enough poultry manure to work with. You should have a system by which you are mixing the manure with water regularly. If you are composting this, you can instead create piles of poultry manure that will gradually become fertilizer. The massive amount of nitrogen in this manure will help your crops to grow much more proficiently. It’s one of the best choices for anyone that has crops that need to grow at an accelerated rate using these much-needed nutrients.

Using a Cow Manure Fertilizer Pellet Machine

Cows will produce a lot of waste on any farm, but that manure doesn’t necessarily have to be thrown away. Manure makes an excellent fertilizer. Even though cow manure works well on its own, you’ll get better results if you produce fertilizer with a machine.

There are different types of making granules machine for cattle dung to choose from, including machines that make dry and liquid fertilizer. A fertilizer pellet machine offers all kinds of advantages that are worth looking at more closely.

You Can Create Fertilizer Blends

One great reason to create pellet fertilizer with this type of machinery is that you can actually blend cow manure and other materials to create more potent fertilizer. With the right equipment, you’ll be capable of producing a high-quality product that many will be interested in purchasing.

This is a fantastic way to recycle the manure produced on your farm, but it’s also a way to create fertilizer that is customized to meet your needs. Whether you’re making fertilizer to sell or creating fertilizer for your own use, you’ll have the opportunity to make blends that are packed with valuable nutrients.

Dried Fertilizer Is Easy to Store

Another major advantage of making cattle manure organic fertilizer pellets is how easy these pellets can be to store. The pellets are compact and can be stored in bulk. Since you won’t be dealing with wet materials, you’ll have more options for packaging as well.

When you’re producing large amounts of fertilizer, the majority of that fertilizer will have to be stored until it can be sold or used. With pellets, storage won’t be a problem. Your fertilizer will remain in excellent condition even if it’s stored for a long time.

Pellets Are Simple to Work With

Heavy bags of fertilizer can be difficult to carry and transport. In many cases, it’s necessary to use expensive equipment when applying fertilizer. In contrast, pellets are small, lightweight, and very easy to work with.

Pellets are ideal for backyard gardens, but they can also be an effective way to apply fertilizer to crops at farms. They’re versatile and are well suited to many applications, which is why there are many buyers that are interested in purchasing pellets. If you’re able to get your machine at a fair price, your equipment could bring in significant profits.

Slow-Release Fertilizer Can Provide Plants With Nutrients Over Time

Typically, fertilizer gives plants large amounts of nutrients at once. With pellets, however, plants will slowly receive nutrients over a longer period of time. This can provide better results with some types of plants.

If you’re producing fertilizer for your own use, you’ll want to think about the plants you’ll be applying the fertilizer to. Determine if pellets are the right option for you. If you’re planning to sell the fertilizer, you’ll find that pellets are in high demand.

With a cow manure fertilizer pellet machine, you can create and sell fertilizer pellets. Take a look at some of the machinery and production lines on the market so that you can find suitable equipment for producing pellets.

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What’s Most Important for Making Water Soluble Fertilizer?

If you’re planning on making water soluble fertilizer, there are many factors you’ll need to take into consideration. If you develop a strategy and take the appropriate steps, you’ll be able to produce better fertilizer overall.

water souble fertilizer

Identify Your Goals and Needs

Before you can start producing fertilizer, you’ll need to think about what your plans far. How much fertilizer do you plan on producing? What are you going to do with the fertilizer that you do produce? Work to put together a plan and set goals for the future.

Once you have a better idea of what it is that you’re going to be doing, you’ll be able to focus on acquiring everything that you need to get started. You’ll have to find a suitable facility for the equipment you’re purchasing, buy the necessary equipment, and figure out how you’re going to get a hold of the materials you’ll use to make fertilizer.

water soluble fertilizer application

Ensure That You Have the Right Equipment for the Job

If you want to produce fertilizer, you’ll need to make sure you have all the equipment you need. You’ll need to invest in durable, high-quality machinery that’s suitable for producing water soluble fertilizer.

When choosing your equipment, you’ll want to focus on finding machinery that matches your needs. You should consider the materials you’ll be using to produce the fertilizer, the amount of fertilizer you plan on producing, and other factors.

You’ll also need to make sure that you have all necessary equipment. You may want to invest in a full production line so that you can confirm that you have everything required to make water soluble fertilizer.

Manure Horizontal Fertilizer Mixer for Sale

Ensure That the Equipment Is Well Maintained

In order to keep productivity levels high, you’ll need to provide your machinery with the necessary maintenance. You should treat the machinery with care and ensure that it remains efficient. It’s wise to visually inspect the machinery before use so that problems can be identified.

You’ll want to regularly maintain the machine and take steps to ensure that it’s operating correctly. If there is a problem with the machinery at any point, you’ll want to have damaged parts replaced or arrange to have the machinery repaired.

Fertilizer screening machine

Store the Fertilizer Properly

The fertilizer your produce will have to be stored before it is used. Have a plan in place for fertilizer storage. Consider if you need to invest in water soluble fertilizer making equipment that can package the fertilizer you make so that it will remain in good condition for as long as it is stored.

If you’re going to be producing large quantities of fertilizer, it’s likely that these materials will need to be stored for a long time. Find an effective storage solution that will keep the fertilizer from being damaged in any way.

Follow this advice so that you can avoid issues with your fertilizer. If you have the right machinery for the job, and you use that machinery properly, you should be able to produce high quality fertilizer that is suitable for many different purposes.

What Impacts the Granulation Machine Price of Bio Organic Fertilizer?

With the increasing demand for bio-organic fertilizer, more and more companies invest in granulation machines to produce this high-value product. The price of a bio granulation machine is a very important factor for these companies. The right decision will save them much money, but the wrong decision might lead to huge losses. In this article, we will discuss what factors affect the price of granulation machines and how they impact your business profitability.

bio fertilizer pellet machine

Machine Size

The size of the machine is an essential factor that affects the price. The bigger the machine, the more expensive it will be. This is because the larger machines are more efficient and can produce more fertilizer in a shorter time. With that in mind, consider your production needs. Will you need a larger bio pellet machine, or can you get by with a smaller one?

Machine Type

There are two types of granulation machines–batch and continuous. Batch machines are cheaper than continuous ones, but they produce less fertilizer per hour. Continuous machines are more expensive, but they can produce more fertilizer in a shorter time. If you need to quickly produce large quantities of fertilizer, then a continuous machine is the best choice.

Bio organic fertilizer pellet machine details

Machine Speed Range

The speed of the granulation machine also affects the price. Machines that have a wider speed range are more expensive than those with a narrower range. This is because machines with a wider range can be used for multiple purposes, such as producing different sizes of fertilizer pellets. If you only need to produce one pellet size, then choose a bio granulation machine with a narrower speed range.

Generally speaking, the bigger the machine, the higher its price. However, it is not always wise to choose a larger granulation machine just because it’s more expensive and might seem that you’re getting better quality. It all depends on your production requirements and budget limitations.

In-stocking Bio pellet machine

Location of the Machine

The location of the granulation machine also affects its price. Machines located in developed countries are more expensive than those in developing countries. This is because the labor cost in developed countries is higher than that in developing ones. If you’re looking for a bio fertilizer granulation machine, be sure to factor in the cost of shipping and installation.


Some granulation machines come with accessories, such as a pellet cooler or a dust collector. The price of these accessories affects the final cost of the machine. If you don’t need these accessories, be sure to ask the supplier if they can remove them from the price.

Machine Brand

The brand of the machine affects its price. Some brands are more expensive than others because they have a good reputation and their machines tend to be high-quality ones. If you want to buy a bio granulation machine, it is important to do your research first and find out which brands offer the best value for money. This way, you will be able to make a more informed decision.

new designed bio organic fertilizer pellet machine

Machine Capacity

The capacity of granulation machines is measured in liters. The more liter-size the machine, the more fertilizer it will be able to produce each hour. This factor directly impacts your business profitability because you won’t have to run the machine as much to meet demand.

In conclusion, several factors affect the price of granulation machines. The size of the machine, its speed range, location, and brand are all important factors you should consider before making a purchase decision.

Benefits & Advantages Of Using A Small Scale Compost Turner For Gardening Purposes

Composting enriches soil and helps facilitate the natural processes of the environment by reusing organic resources. Once you discover the advantages of using a fermenting equipment with small capacity, you’re going to to want one for your garden. Learn more about composting and how it is helping people achieve a more sustainable lifestyle. Reduce waste, conserve natural resources and improve your garden and entire landscape using a small scale compost turner.

Composting helps to neutralize the acidity of your soil, which certainly is going to help make your lawn and garden healthier and more robust. You are much less likely to have to deal with soil erosion, too. You want nutrient rich soil if you are going to grow a garden and maintain a beautiful landscape.

One of the key benefits to composting is that it is good for the environment overall. For starters, you’re reducing the amount of waste that makes its way to the landfill. You’re recycling both kitchen and yard waste, creating different types of compost for various uses. Reusing this waste to help make the soil nutrient rich is a more sustainable way to live. More and more people are starting to think outside the box after discovering the advantages of using a small scale compost turner.

Why do you need the compost turner? It is important to turn the compost regularly, fluffing it to create pockets of oxygen and moisture. Additionally, compost turners help to cool the compost heaps, preventing important microorganisms from being killed due to extreme temperatures.

Do you currently use chemical fertilizers to keep your lawn and garden looking great? Composting can help you stop using chemical fertilizers, which is a win-win. You help the environment by composting, and you help the environment by no longer using chemical fertilizers.

Does the area in which you live suffer from droughts? Composting helps to increase the moisture in soil, reducing your overall need for irrigation of any kind. Dry soil often forms a crust, too. Composting is said to help prevent that crust from forming, which of course helps the moisture penetrate the soil.

If you are growing vegetables, you want quality produce. It’s no secret that composting helps to produce more nutrient-rich, quality produce. Not only do you get better produce, but you can significantly increase your yields. Whether you’re growing a simple garden or farming acreage, composting improves your overall yield and helps to reduce the mortality rates of your plants.

About one-third of the waste that makes it into the landfills is either yard waste or food waste. All of this material can be used for composting. Now you can see just how big of an impact everyone could have on the environment if composting was the norm.

The small scale composting equipment is going to dispose the environment problems caused by improper composting. Save that waste and create your compost heap. Turn it, use it, and share this knowledge with others. Composting is a huge step towards a more sustainable and responsible lifestyle. Your land will thank you, and you will enjoy all the benefits, including the tastiest, highest-quality produce.

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What Will Affect The Efficiency Levels Of A Wheel Type Compost Turner Machine?

When you have access to a wheel type compost turner machine, you may not realize how efficient these actually are until you use them. The efficiency levels can be quite high, due to this automated process by which compost is rotated automatically. Obtaining one of these machines can be costly, unless you are able to find a business that is able to produce them for less. If you want the highest efficiency levels possible with a compost turner machine, you will want to invest a wheel type version that is highly regarded by people that produce compost regularly.

Wheel type compost turner machine

How Are These Utilized?

These are typically regarded as auxiliary equipment. They are capable of converting organic materials into compost through a fermenting process. In many cases, there will be cranes that will be used in the process, specifically smaller ones, that will have wheels, a driving system, and chains that are part of the process. Using the chain drive mechanism, the wheel organic manure composting machine will begin to turn, and through regular churning of the material, fertilizer can be produced. These tend to be high performance machines, capable of producing 3 m of compost in-depth, with the width of 30 m or greater with no problems at all.

What Are The Top Features Of These Machines?

The top features will include a speed regulated trolley, cabinet controlled centralized mechanisms, and a hydraulic lifting system. They will also be capable of providing different turning stands, and the wheel teeth tend to be the most reliable on these units. The key is to mix all of the organic materials properly, which will include mixing and smashing, to achieve the highest amount of compost with the least amount of energy use. If you can obtain a machine that has all of these features, it will be a worthwhile investment.

Working wheel type composting machine

What Can Affect Their Overall Efficiency Levels?

The efficiency of any of the systems has to do with the automatic controls. Most of them are going to utilize a barrier free movement system. Additionally, if they do use a minimal amount of electricity for power, the compact structure of these machines will still allow them to be efficient. When the wheels go up and down, and as it moves forward, you will start to see how this automated system works. In the span of just a few months, sizable amounts of compost can be converted into fertilizer and used at your farm or on your crop.

If you have invested in a wheel type compost turner before, you are likely aware of how beneficial these can be. If you are trying to save money on energy consumption, yet also speed up the process of creating compost and fertilizer, this is what you need. Make sure that the different turning spans are fully customizable. This will give you maximum control over the entire system. Overall, these are extremely efficient, durable, and easy to use which is why so many people invest in wheel type compost turners for their business.

What You Must Consider When Buying a Double Roller Granulator Machine ?

It is important to buy a reliable double roller granulator machine. Why? It can save you money since it increases your productivity and reduces your maintenance costs. However, it takes time to find a good machine. If you buy the wrong double roller granulator machine, however, you may have to spend more money on maintenance alone.

Here are the things you must consider when buying a double roller granulator machine:

Double roller press fertilizer granulator machine


Firstly, you need to check the quality of the double roller press granulator machines. You want to use the machine for several years. To know the quality of the machine, you need to do your due diligence. You can check the materials used to make the machine. If the manufacturer uses low-quality materials to make their machines, do not purchase their machine.

High-quality machines can last for several years. They can save you money. How? You will not spend a lot of money on maintenance. High-quality machines usually have a long warranty. The manufacturer offers a long warranty since they trust their workmanship and the materials used to make the machine.

double compression granulator machine

The Price

Secondly, you need to consider the price of the double roller granulator machine. You will find cheap double roller granulator machines on the market. Do not rush to purchase them. Cheap machines are cheap for a reason. They do not last for a long time. And they are usually expensive to maintain.

If you can find reputable manufacturers, you can ask them to send their quotes. Getting quotes from reputable manufacturers can save you more money. You will compare the prices of reputable manufacturers. Then, you can choose an affordable manufacturer.

The Manufacturer

Thirdly, you need to know the reputation of the manufacturer. Some manufacturers make cheap and poor-quality double roller granulator machines. They usually have cheap prices. However, they rarely get repeat customers. And they have a lot of negative customer reviews.

Fortunately, you can still find good manufacturers on the internet. You will have to research multiple manufacturers online. If you can find their customer reviews, the better. Reputable manufacturers usually have the best machines. You can use their machine for several years.

double roller extruder granulator

After-Sale Service

Last, but not least, you need to choose a seller that provides after-sale service. If you can find a good seller, do not blindly trust them. They can sell the best double roller extrusion pelletizer machines on the market. However, machines fail from time to time. If your machine has issues, you can just call them.

They will send an expert to fix your machine. Therefore, you do not have to spend more time looking for someone to repair your machine. In fact, they can save you money since they are less likely to charge you more money. Especially if you still have the warranty.

Double roller fertilizer pellet making machine


Buying a good double roller granulator machine can save you more money. However, it can take time and lots of effort to find a reliable machine on the market. If you do not want to waste your time testing different machines, you can purchase the machine from a reputable manufacturer. Reputable manufacturers make the best machines.

Where Can You Purchase a Cow Dung Processing Machine With High Performance?

You’ll get more out of your investing in composting equipment if you choose machinery that can deliver an excellent purchase. How can you make sure that the cow dung processing machine that you’re buying lives up to those standards? If you’re hoping to invest in a high-quality machine, these are a few suggestions you’ll want to remember.

Seek Out a Seller With an Excellent Reputation

One of the best ways to make sure that the machinery you buy is suitable is to work with one of the best available sellers. Talk to others in the industry and find out which sellers that they recommend. If possible, you’ll want to buy from a well-established history that’s been selling this kind of equipment for quite a while.

If others have had an excellent experience working with this seller, it’s likely that you’ll have a positive experience as well. You’ll be able to get accurate information about the equipment that you’re looking at, and that will allow you to make a smart choice about the machinery that you want to buy.

Choose a Vendor That Will Give You Options

It can be hard to measure the performance of a machine if you don’t have anything else to compare it to. That’s why it’s a good idea to buy from a vendor that will present you with a range of options. If you’re able to look at several different dung processing machines, you’ll be able to locate the best option available to you.

Being able to compare different models will also help you to feel more confident about your final decision. You won’t just have to focus on finding a processing equipment for cattle waste management. Instead, you’ll be able to search for the machine that is the best fit for you.

Pay Attention to the Manufacturer

Another effective way to assess the overall quality of the machinery is to look at the company that produced it. Some companies have a long history of excellence.

You can learn quite a bit about equipment if you take the time to read the product description, but you can find out even more if you read up on the brand that produced that machinery. Don’t be afraid to do a little research so that you can find out everything that you need to know.

Look At What You’ll Be Getting for Your Money

Many buyers focus on getting the best possible deal when they’re purchasing composting equipment. Focusing on pricing may be beneficial in the short-term, but it won’t necessarily be your best option in the long run. If you buy a cheaply made processing machine for cattle manure, it’s unlikely that it will deliver the type of performance that you’re looking for.

Instead of trying to get the lowest possible purchase price, you’ll want to focus on other factors, like value. When you compare some of your choices, look at the quality of the machine. Don’t ignore factors like brand names. If you focus on the big picture, you’ll be able to invest in machinery that will meet or exceed your expectations.

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Equipment Used For Fast Biofertilizer Composting Process

Having the right compost biofertilizer can make all the difference for a person when they want their crops to grow well.  They want to get as many fruits and vegetables as they can and when they have the right kind to put around the crops, they will tend to do a lot better.  Since this is so important many people look into biofertilizer and the process that they need to do when they are making it.

Organic Fertilizer Making Plant With Fermentation Tanks

Equipment Used For Fast Biofertilizer Composting Process

During the time that they will make biofertilizer compost, they will need to have the right equipment in order to produce it in a fast way.  When they are able to do this, they can get the fertilizer around their crops in no time at all.  This will make sure that they are up to par with the ability to grow crops in the way that they wish to.  Here is the equipment that they can consider getting so that they can make the biofertilizer compost process go as quickly and smoothly as possible:

1.  Commercial Organic Compost Turner Machine

2.  Powdery Commercial Compost Bagging Equipment

3.  Compost Fertilizer Grinding Machine

SX Biofertilizer producing machine: fast composting fermentation tank

In sx, we designed large fermentation tank for fast composting biofertilizer production line. Its capacity is 5-120m³. With reasonable design and high efficiency equipment parts, it can complete harmless treatment of fertilizer materials in only 7days. In addition, the whole composting process only spends about 15days. For large scale organic fertilizer making plants, it’s very efficient.

SX Large Scale Fermentation Tank

Getting The Information That They Need To Do Well With Their Biofertilizer Composting Process

When they want to do the best that they can with their new enterprise, they will want to get all the positive information that they can and tips that will help them to do the process in a much easier way.  The best way to do this is by going online to see what other people have done to streamline the process and make it go a lot smoother and easier.  They will find that other people have dealt with the problems before they have had to and they have the solutions that will work in their favor.  This is what they need to see and any and all information that they can find out will be beneficial for them.  They should take the time to read about all that they can when it comes to this type of process and what makes it work better.

Having the right fertilizer can make all the difference in how they are able to grow their crops.  They will stand to get the very best when they know all the shortcuts that they can take when they want to make themselves a success.  Having the right information at all times will ensure that they will be able to do their best.

Buying Composting Equipment For A Small Poultry Farm

Are you a small poultry farm owner? Are you searching for manure composting equipment for your business? Manure composting can be a source of additional income for owners of small poultry farms as there is huge demand for organic fertilizer. While there are a number of companies that offer small capacity fertilizer turning machine, it does not mean that you could go out and buy the equipment you need from the first company you come across. Due to the increase in demand for such equipment, a number of businesses have entered in the business of manufacturing equipment needed for making organic fertilizer and without proper research on your part, you won’t be able to get the best value for your money. Here is what you need to know in order to get the best cost performance.

Small Self-moving Fertilizer Turning Machine

The first thing you need to decide on is the type of equipment that is needed for a farm of your size. If you have a big poultry farm, the equipment you need will be different from the one needed by business owners with really small farms. However, in this article, we are going to focus on small poultry farm owners. Small farmers do not require really big sized equipment as they have a limited amount of manure to process therefore, as a small poultry farm owner, you will need decently sized equipment. Once you have decided on the capacity of different types of equipment you’re going to need, the next thing you need to look at is the price and quality of the equipment.

While it is natural to focus on the price but at the end of the day, you want maximum value for your money and you are not going to get the most value if you focus only on the initial price. This is due to the reason that you can buy the equipment in various qualities. Equipment made from low quality materials won’t last long and would also require you to spend a substantial amount of money on repairs and maintenance. On the other hand, when you buy high quality equipment, that equipment will not only last for years but will also require minimum expense on repairs and maintenance. Therefore, focus on quality of the equipment.

Crawler Type Small Compost Turner

When it comes to deciding the quality of the equipment, the reputation of the manufacturer in the industry is all that matters. There are a few manufacturers that have been active in this industry for many years and have earned an excellent reputation for their high quality products. On the other hand, you will also find manufacturers that have recently entered the industry and are looking to make a quick buck at the expense of customers. It is recommended to stick with reputed companies that have been in the industry for decades and are known for their quality products.

To conclude, there are a number of companies selling manure composting equipment but you can’t just go out and buy it from any company assuming good quality products. Don’t focus only on the initial price but choose the equipment based on reputation of the company, quality of materials used by them for making the equipment as well as warranty offered by them for the equipment in order to get the most value for your money.

Introduction Of SX New Designed Organic Fertilizer Pelletizer

The purchase of a pelletizer is a good investment for those that would like to produce their own fertilizer. These are capable of producing very specific types of organic for they can be stored for long periods of time. You will want to find an SX newly designed model, one that is designed for maximum production and output. If you have a large farm, and you are producing vast quantities of manure, this is an excellent model to invest your money in. It will enable you to distribute as much manure as you want through the medium of these dried pellets. Now let’s look at how you can find one that is currently on sale that you can purchase for your business.

New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator

Why You Should Create These Pellets?

These pellets are very important for a couple of different reasons. First of all, they are easy to store. Once they are dry, you can place them in bins, silos, or just bag them up. Additionally, you are going to have the ability to use what is already on your form. Your animals are going to produce manure continuously. Instead of letting that go to waste, or not having it percolate into the ground where you are growing crops, you can instead use these pellets for that purpose.

How To Find The Companies That Sell These Plants And Machines?

The next thing that you will need to do is find companies that sell them. Try to find businesses that are exceptional. They have likely been producing organic fertilizer granulators for many years and have a good track record. These other businesses that you need to find, purchase from, and ultimately use for any other fertilizer related materials. This will enable you to invest your money wisely and expect good returns on this type of investment.

Visible Window and Stirring Tooth the Granulator

Why You Should Use The New SX Designed Organic For Your Pelletizer?

SX new type organic fertilizer granulators are the ones that you should consider using all the time. They are designed for rapid production. You can always count on the quality of the pellets that are produced, regardless of the type of manure that you are using. They are also very affordable, considering the quality of the pellets that are going to be produced. In no time at all, you’re going to find many different customers that are requesting the pellets they for producing if you are creating more than you can use.

It is so important to have a proper pelletizer if you’re going to generate pellets for your business. It is something that is an investment that will pay dividends once that investment is made. Once you are producing pellets in mass quantities and storing them, you can then begin to look for people that can use them as well. This could become a very lucrative side of your business that you may have never thought of until you started to use one of these SX designed organic fertilizer pelletizer machines. You should be able to find one today by searching online for one of the manufacturers that presents these machines for sale.

Commercial Organic Fertilizer Production and Granulation

Classification & Production Standards of Commercial Organic Fertilizer
Main types of commercial organic fertilizer can be classified into several types in accordance with its working conditions and nutrient content, including organic fertilizer, organic and inorganic fertilizer, and bio-organic fertilizer.
The Bio-organic Fertilizer refers to fertilizer produced by special and functional microorganism after harmless treatment and decomposition with composite organic materials.
The production standards of them are listed as follows:

 Organic matter (dry basis) Total nutrient (N, P2O5, 
K2O, dry basis)
Moisture    pH    Granularity (1- 4.75mm)Others
Organic Fertilizer≥30%≥4%≤20%5.5-8.0. If adding the active agents, it requires effective viable count 
more than 20 million per gram and bacteria rate ≤20%.  
Organic & Inorganic Fertilizer≥20%≥15%≤10%5.5-8.0.≥70% 
Bio-organic Fertilizer≥25%≥6%≤15%5.5-8.5 The effective number of viable cells ≥ 20 million per gram and bacteria rate ≤20%.
(Data sources: China’s Ministry of Agriculture)
Notice: the production standards may vary in different areas/countries.

Before staring commercial organic fertilizer production, investors should figure out the production standard satisfying local essential needs.
Commonly Used Composting & Granulation Machines in Commercial Organic Fertilizer Production
It is essential for manufacturers to choose the right fertilizer machines. Eequipment being the most important one.
Commercial organic fertilizer production mainly includes 2 processes. One is harmless organic waste treatment process: compost-making materials decomposition and fermentation. The main raw materials for commercial organic fertilizer production includes animal manure, municipal sewage sludge, garbage, candy pomace, crop stalks, paper filter mud, food and fermentation organic industrial waste, etc. The heat produced by thermophilic bacteria kills pathogenic microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, protozoa, worms and eggs that may inhabit wastes.
The other part is the granulation process of composting material. Benefits of organics granulation is to make organic fertilizer have good commercial properties, stable nutrient content and fertilizer efficiency for further storage, transportation and sale.
◇ Organic materials fermentation and decomposition
It usually adopts aerobic fermentation as the core of compact treatment in commercial organic fertilizer industrial production. The process consists of solid-liquid separation, material pre-treatment, fermentation, turning and decomposition. Studies have shown that the essence of the fermentation process is microbial decomposition of organic matter, wherein the amount of gas, temperature, humidity, and C/N are the main fermentation parameters, so the key technology of the regulation is to create a suitable environment for the aerobic microorganisms. In the retting process, heap mild pH value rising leads to nitrogen volatilization losses. Reducing nitrogen loss and preventing excessive organic matter decomposition of organic fertilizer are the keys to improve the organic fertilizer quality. The above problems can be solved by improving material pre-treatment, adjusting C/N, moisture, pH, and controlling temperature and fermentation time.
◇ Fermented organic material granulation
Fermented organic materials are characterized by coarse texture, poor adhesion and granulating difficulty. It has been bottleneck in organic fertilizer production for a long time. Organic fertilizer granulation can be in extrusion granulator organic production line and disc granulation organic fertilizer production line. Recently, organic fertilizer production can be processing in new type fertilizer granulator production line and rotary fertilizer granulator production line.
Extrusion granulation: composting material with an appropriate amount of inorganic fertilizer is extruded by flat die extrusion granulator, and then organic fertilizer is directly bagging. This production has strict requirements of materials selection and pre-treatment. It needs to adjust to appropriate water content. Meanwhile, it requires fine texture and good adhesion. It features simple process, no drying process, high product water content, coarse columnar grains, and uniform particle size. However, it has easy collapsibility in the storage and transportation process and low production capacity.

Disc granulation: Almost all organic materials can be granulated with a disc fertilizer granulation technology. After material drying and finely pulverized with an adequate amount of fertilizer, materials are sending into the Disc granulator machine. The materials are mixed and bonded by humidifier spraying. With the rotation of the disc granulator, materials are produced to granules, and then it is sieved and dried again. Finally, it can be bagging. This kind of organic fertilizer production has modest production power, needs small power. The granules are in size of round shape. Before granulation, organic fertilizer raw materials need to be dried and crushed.
New type granulation: New type organic fertilizer granulator is advanced fertilizer granulator machine. It can be used for all kinds of organic matters. There is no drying and crushing in organic fertilizer production. Mix organic raw materials in the machine, and then it can produce spherical granules. The organic matter content can reach to 100%, which is really pure organic material granulation. There is no need to dry fermented organic materials. The water content of organic raw materials can be 20-40%. The granulation rate is over 95%.

the Advantages of Chicken Manure Organic Fertilizer

First, to promote the plant growth
Mainly through the chicken manure organic fertilizer functional bacteria in the plant root colonization. This effect is manifested by the production of functional bacteria to promote plant growth, unlike the addition of hormones in dry chicken feces.
Second, to improve plant disease prevention and control ability.
There are three main ways of acting on pathogens:
1, antagonism: produce antagonist substances directly inhibit pathogen growth.
2, the role of competition: from the absorption and utilization of nutrients and other aspects of the inhibition of pathogen growth, under normal circumstances this strain grows fast.
3, parasitic effects. To pathogen as parasitic, direct parasitic pathogen in the pathogen causing death.
Note: These three methods of disease resistance and disease prevention are often cross.
Third, improve fertilizer utilization
In the current chicken manure organic fertilizer market was more publicity, mainly nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and so on. There are three main types of nitrogen fixation:
1, symbiotic nitrogen fixation: rhizobia mainly, bacteria host has specificity, strong nitrogen fixation ability, mainly in the leguminous plants symbiotic nitrogen fixation. However, because this type of bacteria are Gram-negative bacteria, is not conducive to preservation, as a product for shelf sales more difficult, so the general is to get the species that is used to dress.
2, self-generated nitrogen fixation: bacteria in the field showed no nitrogen or nitrogen capacity is very small.
3, combined nitrogen fixation: the strain is relatively specific, strong ability, but the current research and promotion of the application of less, therefore, must beware of product packaging exaggerated nitrogen fixation capacity.
Fourth, water and drought, soil repair, degradation of pesticides and other functions.

What is Organic Fertilizer?

Organic gardening emphasizes cultivating your garden so that it sustains enriching soil, plants and beneficial insects. This is achieved by avoiding the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, and using products that nurture your garden soil and the organisms in it. When you embrace the organic gardening philosophy, your plants experience a balanced and nourished ecosystem that works as nature intended.

Creating Healthy Soil

Organic products are ideal for your landscape, because they feed the soil, creating a sustaining environment. Healthy soil leads to healthy plants.1 But when you garden organically, you do much more than nourish your plants.

As in nature, an organic soil alive with microbes and fungi releases nutrients slowly to plants. By enriching the soil with organic supplements and encouraging the growth of naturally occurring beneficial organisms, you give your plants the tools they need to access nutrients in the soil and the strength to protect themselves from harmful pathogens and pests. Take the natural approach and amend with soil conditioners, such as earthworm casting, which add organic matter, including humid acid, and desirable microorganisms to your garden soil. This helps make soil borne nutrients, such as iron, more available to plants.

Gypsum is a soil additive that helps to loosen compacted soil and promote root growth while enriching the soil with calcium and sulfur. Gypsum also improves soil structure.

Organic gardening also calls for adding homemade or bagged compost to the soil. This improves the overall soil structure by increasing organic matter, which enhances nutrient release to plants and increases water retention. Adding compost also reduces runoff and erosion, and suppresses certain diseases.
Nutritious “Food” for Plants
High-quality organic fertilizers are the products of natural decomposition and are easy for plants to digest. Made from natural sources, organic fertilizers provide garden plants with slow-release, consistent nourishment. Such a “health food” diet makes your plants strong and self-sustaining. Rather than depend on you for feeding them a steady supply of synthetic fertilizers, they find what they need in soil that has been fed with organic fertilizer.

Organic fertilizers that feed the soil and sustain plants include animal waste and byproducts, such as bird and bat guano, blood meal, bone meal and feather meal, as well as fish and kelp fertilizers
Most organic fertilizers are low in nutrients, which is why the NPK macronutrient ratio (nitrogen, phosphate and potassium) printed on product labels generally consists of numbers below 10. The gentle nature of organic fertilizers also means they won’t burn plant roots or foliage like chemical fertilizers can.
Organic Pest and Disease Management
Organic gardening takes a gentle approach to dealing with pests and diseases. This method includes taking steps to prevent pests and diseases before they occur, and using mild control methods and products.

One of the least invasive prevention and control methods for pests and diseases is inspecting plants for problems, and then physically removing any pests or diseased areas found. This works well when a plant has a limited amount of problem areas. Organic gardening also uses exclusion methods to keep pests and diseases at bay. This includes covering plants with lightweight, spunbonded fabrics known as row cover.

Organic gardening cultivates an ecofriendly environment in your backyard. Take time to nurture your soil and plants with these gentle methods, and you’re sure to have a well-balanced, healthy garden.
*Not for use in organic crop and organic food production.
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Biological organic fertilizer production line

• Product description: Organic fertilizer production line is the requirement of developing recycling economy, building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society. In line with the relevant state industrial policies.

Product Description
Biological organic fertilizer production line
1.Introduction of Biological Organic Fertilizer Production Line
Organic fertilizer production line is the requirement of developing recycling economy, building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society. In line with the relevant state industrial policies, organic fertilizer production line is conducive to the sustainable development of the company’s production, can promote the company’s production to step on a modern, large-scale, standardized development track.
Organic fertilizer production line depends on the main raw materials such as chicken and pig manure, added with a certain amount of nitrogenous fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, potash fertilizer, magnesium sulfate, ferrous sulfate material, etc. Organic fertilizer production line uses bran, yeast, soybean meal and sugar after fermentation as biological bacteria, under the effect of sulfuric acid to make  mixed fermentation in order to produce the biological fertilizer .
2.Features of Fermentation Equipment
Compact structure, advanced technology. Use features of some beneficial microorganisms that can promote the rapid decomposition of organic waste such as livestock manure. Choose the common pool type continuous aerobic fermentation technology. Make rapid decomposition , dehydration, sterilization, deodorization of the organic waste, in order to achieve harmlessness, capitalization and reduction processing aims. Short fermentation period (7-8 days), low energy consumption and stable quality.
Intelligentized and automatized controlment of turning materials. Under the effect of vertical and horizontal running gear, the fermented material will be continuously thrown up , scatter to a certain displacement by the turning equipment. Make the materials gradually move backward in the regular and equidistant way in the pool. Then a continuous aerobic fermentation process was formed. The plan ,one machine with multiple pools ,realizes the scale producing.
Equipped with high pressure forced supply oxygen system, to ensure that oxygen from the bottom of the pool can uniformly supply oxygen in all directions for the materials. The fermentation pool equipped with fixed copper slide-touch cable, safe and reliable, durable ,with convenient maintenance.
Features of Granulating Equipment
1).Extremely extensive materials applicability. Granulating Equipment can  directly prill crude fiber organic waste such as Livestock manure, filter mud of sugar refinery, paper mill sludge, plant straw, urban sewage and  sludge, urban life waste, peat, soybean cake, potato residue ,biogas residue, and tobacco residue. produce spherical particles of pure organic fertilizer, organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer, bio organic fertilizer by one modeling.
2). High granulation rate and bio-fungus survival rate. The new technology of granulation polishing can make the granulation rate reach over 85-90%. New technology of drying with low temperature and large air volume can make the bio-fungus survival rate reach more than 90%.
3). No  prior treatment of  organic materials  such as drying and destruction. Short technical process, low cost.
4). Advanced technology, big granulation density, equal particle size, high strength. Can satisfy the request of  polishing and shaping the organic fertilizer with round granule. Its power is increased by 30% compared to the usual models. This machine is a key equipment of ball type organic fertilizer granulation production line. After polishing and shaping, the organic fertilizer granule is uniform, lubricating and round. completely deal with the key technical problems that can not be solved for a long time by the traditional granulating technology such as disk and rotary drum.
Livestock and poultry manure, sugar filter mud, papermaking sludge, plant straw, city sewage and sludge.
Feces, kitchen waste, straw.

Cow Manure Organic Fertilizer Production Line

• Product description: Using Cattle manure as raw materials, this organic/bio-organic fertilizer production line is with an annul output of 50,000 tons. This fertilizer plant is equipped with high quality, high efficiency.

Product Description
Introduction of Cow Manure Organic Fertilizer Production Line
manure organic fertilizer production line takes cow manure as raw material. After a series of processing to produce cow manure organic fertilizer.
Use cow manure processing machine to pump the cow manure of the manure pool into the devices by the slugger. Then the cow manure goes through the dehydrator. After the dehydration water content will reach about 40%. Cow manure organic fertilizer production line can also use crops such as straw, rice chaff (N\P\K) as filling material, then sprinkle with biological strain agents. Mixing 1kg bacteria with 20kg water in the raw materials can ferment 1 tons of raw materials.
Turning once during 1-2 day. It can be completely decomposed after 7-10 days. Generally, raw materials after the fermentation can be directly processed deep for granulation. If the raw material is not processed, refer to the above methods to make fermentation, the whole set of equipment will need equipment such as fermentation turner, semi wet material crusher, roller sieve extension, horizontal mixer, disk granulation machine, drying machine, cooling machine, roller sieve extension, coating machine, automatic quantitative packing machine, etc.
Features of Cow Manure Organic Fertilizer Production Line
Green ecological organic fertilizer takes cow manure and crop straw as the main raw materials and it is produced by fermentation of multidimensional compound enzymes. Multidimensional compound enzymes is microecology fermentation preparation including 106 kinds of beneficial microorganisms which are able to produce a variety of enzymes such as thermostable bacillus group, lactic acid bacteria, Bifidobacterium group, yeasts,etc.
Non toxic, non polluting and safe to use. It can fix nitrogen, dissolve phosphate and potassium. At the same time, it can decompose the residue of chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Increase yield, improve quality and  resist disease  in the planting industry and breeding industry.
3.Features of organic fertilizer production line equipment: 

1).compact process layout , scientific and reasonable, advanced technology, energy saving, no three kinds of emissions, stable operation, reliable operation, convenient maintenance, wide raw material adaptability.
2).suitable for organic compound fertilizer, bio organic fertilizer, urban sewage sludge, municipal solid waste, organic fertilizer ,etc. Fill the domestic blank, and rank the leading domestic level. It is the promotion project of national environmental protection practical technology. Chicken manure are rich in organic matter, can provide nutrients for crop growth, and can improve soil fertility. There are many kinds of organic fertilizer. the range of raw material is very wide. Fertilizer is also ever-changing.
Cow manure

Poultry Manure High Capacity Organic Fertilizer Production Line

• Product description: Using Poultry manure as raw materials, this organic/bio-organic fertilizer production line is with an annul output of 50,000 tons. This fertilizer plant is equipped with high quality, high efficiency.

  • Product Description
  • Introduction of Chicken Manure Organic Fertilizer Production Line
  • Chicken manure organic fertilizer production line takes fresh chicken manure as raw material. After a series of processing to produce natural chicken manure organic fertilizer.
  • Manure organic fertilizer production line ,non pollution disposal equipment  made by  Zhengzhou EM Machine Factory, mainly disposes livestock manure of farms, pasture. It is the agricultural machinery which the nation supports. The device can not only deal with the farms, pasture livestock manure, also produce organic fertilizer for agricultural fertilizer use. It is the environmental protection equipment everyone supports.
  • Application
  • Chicken farm
  • Materials
  • Chicken manure
  • Advantages of Chicken Manure Organic Fertilizer
  • 1).Non chemical composition. Due to poor digestion, chicken can only consume 25% of the nutrients, and  discharge  the other 75% nutrients with feces, making the finished products with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic matter, amino acids, protein and other ingredients.
  • 2). Increase the organic matter content because the main material of chicken manure organic fertilizer is organic matter. Organic matter can improve soil physical, chemical and biological properties, ripen the soil and enhance soil fertility. China’s rural saying “fields depend on manure to become  fertile and seedling depends on  manure to grow” reflects the effect of chicken manure organic fertilizer improving soil to a certain degree.
  • Chicken manure organic fertilizer can not only increase the number of organic colloid, but also decompose and convert  many organic compounds into organic colloids with the help of microorganisms. Greatly increase the soil adsorption surface. Produce a lot of sticky matter. Make the soil particles cemented together into stable  granular structure. Improve the soil water retention, fertilizer conservation and air permeability, and the ability to regulate the temperature of the soil.
  • Make a large number of microorganisms in the soil reproduce, especially many beneficial microorganisms, such as nitrogen fixing bacteria, ammonifying bacteria, cellulose decomposing bacteria, nitrifying bacteria etc. Because there are various active enzymes of animal digestive tract and enzymes produced by  microorganism in the chicken manure organic fertilizer,  when these substances were applied to the soil, they can greatly improve the soil enzyme activity.
  • Fertilizing  more chicken manure organic fertilizer can improve the soil activity and biological reproduction transformation ability , so as to improve the soil absorption performance and cushioning properties and resistance.

Pig Manure Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Product description: Using Pig manure as raw materials, this organic/bio-organic fertilizer production line is with an annul output of 50,000 tons. This fertilizer plant is equipped with high quality, high efficiency。

Introduction of Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Processing commercial organic fertilizer requires two steps: pre fermentation and processing and deep processing granulation . Pig manure organic fertilizer equipment needs to be equipped with equipment such as ferment pile turning machine, organic fertilizer crusher, roller sieve extension, horizontal mixing machine, disc granulator, dryer machine, cooling machine, sieve extension, coating machine, packing machine and conveyor, etc.

Advantages of  Organic Fertilizer
1).Non chemical composition. Due to poor digestion, pig can only consume 25% of the nutrients, and discharge the other 75% nutrients with feces, making the finished products with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic matter, amino acids, protein and other ingredients.
2). Increase the organic matter content because the main material of pig manure organic fertilizer is organic matter. Organic matter can improve soil physical, chemical and biological properties, ripen the soil and enhance soil fertility. China’s rural saying “fields depend on manure to become  fertile and seedling depends on  manure to grow” reflects the effect of pig manure organic fertilizer improving soil to a certain degree.
Pig manure organic fertilizer can not only increase the number of organic colloid, but also decompose and convert  many organic compounds into organic colloids with the help of microorganisms. Greatly increase the soil adsorption surface. Produce a lot of sticky matter. Make the soil particles cemented together into stable granular structure. Improve the soil water retention, fertilizer conservation and air permeability, and the ability to regulate the temperature of the soil.
Make a large number of microorganisms in the soil reproduce, especially many beneficial microorganisms, such as nitrogen fixing bacteria, ammonifying bacteria, cellulose decomposing bacteria, nitrifying bacteria etc. Because there are various active enzymes of animal digestive tract and enzymes produced by  microorganism in the pig manure organic fertilizer,  when these substances were applied to the soil, they can greatly improve the soil enzyme activity.
Fertilizing  more pig manure organic fertilizer can improve the soil activity and biological reproduction transformation ability , so as to improve the soil absorption performance and cushioning properties and resistance.

Biogas Slurry Water Soluble Fertilizer Plant

• Product description: Top technology

Easy Farming Water-Soluble Fertilizer product plant can product High-End Fertilizer like NY-1107\NY-1428 and soil conditioner.We,Zhengzhou EM Machinery CO.,LTD is one professional fertilizer production plant Factory.With highly advanced technology,We manufacture Organic Fertilizer product plant,Water-soluble Fertilizer product plant,Liquid Fertilizer product plant and other kinds of fertilizer and grain Equipment.

Easy Farming has the advanced technology of  industrial chelation and complexation in Liquid Water-Soluble Fertilizer Production.We also provide the whole package of strict operational process and systematic management.With our equipment and technology,the working efficiency can be promoted by 10%~25%,comparing to the same domestic production plant.We have diversified processing technologies and product  formulas to ensure that our production’ quality all reach or exceed National Standard.

Liquid Water-soluble Fertilizer is a new type of fertilizer which can absolutely solute into water and it is just developed in China in recent years.Liquid Water-soluble Fertilizer has evenly distributed and adequate nutrition with high content of organic matter.So it can achieve the function of vitalizing soil,increasing granular structure,holding water and fertilizer.With the use of Liquid Water-soluble Fertilizer,you can reduce the using amount of chemical fertilizer to make your product more environmental and healthy.The production process of Liquid Water-soluble Fertilizer is similar with the product of BB Fertilizer,but with essentially differences in raw material’ chemical reactions.

Details of EasyFarming’ Liquid Water-soluble Fertilizer production plant

1 Raw Liquid material —->Sediment pot—->(Bacterial breeding machine)—->Solid-Liquid Separating equipment—->Humic Acid Digester—->Finished Product

The easy and quit process totally overtop the old technology of water-process which use flocculatio to achieve superfine sediment.

With our whole-package technology and equipment,the final Liquid Water-soluble Fertilizer production have much more organic material and nutrition which exceed National Standard.

Automatic Packing Scale

• Product description: We manufacture high-quality and automatic organic & compound fertilizer packager which can realize quantitative and intelligent packaging during fertilizer production.

1 Production Introduction
With the rapid development of modern science and technology and the increasing level of packaging technology, manufacturers put forward higher requirements to the packaging of materials .Not only  require high speed, high precision, but also  require automation, and even require the a variety of form of packaging. The packaging machine of our company is a fast and quantitative packing machine set, which is a set of weighing, sewing, packing and conveying.
Organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer,and other powder or granularity material.
Various industries


(1 )Advanced microcomputer control.

(2 )Automatic error self-correction,alarm of overproof,error self diagnose.

(3) All stainless steel in the parts contacting the material,long service-life.(Customized available)

(4) electrical engine made by aluminum alloy using electrodeless speed governing.

(5) Printer port and RS232 port reserved for future expend and data translating

(6) With auto-control meter,material feeding can be guaranteed in both speed and accuracy.

(7) Manual work to put on packing bag and double air cylinder for package holding. Reliable working method and easy operation.

(8) The high sensitivity meter read fast with powerful programming.The standard interface in the meter allow communication with computer.

(9) Fast weighting,accurate calculating,powerful program,standard interfaces,reliable quality,easy maintain.

(10) Control cabinet use sealing protection to service in the dust environment.

5.Technical Parameter

weight range (kg)50
Division value (g)10
Weighing accuracy0.2%F,S
Weight speed (bag/h)200-350
Operation environment,power supplyrelative humidity≤90%AC   200V   50HZ
electricity, gas consumption1.0KW  0.4-0.8Mpacompressed air1m³/h

Bucket Elevator

Product description: Bucket Elevator, Bucket Conveyor Efficient and power.Lifting ability of large amount,highly steadily operation,long service life.

Our Bucket Elevator has the outstanding qualities:lifting ability of large amount,highly steadily operation,long service life.The property and parameter of our equipment fits JB3926–85(Standing Bucket Elevator) . Our production is suitable for multiple utilization–Industry,Agriculture,Mining.And we provide one-stop services for all your requires.


1). Wide lifting range. Bucket elevator is capable of lifting all kinds of powder, granular and massive material(≤30mm). The  material temperature is less than 120ºC.
2). High lifting height. With strong ability of rope belt, and the smooth operation, the lifting height of the bucket elevator can be up to 100m.
3). Great lifting capacity. Our Bucket elevator can lift 32-686m3/h.
4). Long service life, strong operating reliability. The advanced design ensures the reliability of the whole machine. High strength steel wire rope draws  parts so that it can ensure the long-term efficient operation of the elevator. Practices for long time have shown that the trouble-free running time of the elevator is up to 30 thousand hours.
5). The power consumption is low. Compared with the general elevator, bucket elevator can saves energy more than 30%.
6). Convenient operation and maintenance. Less wearing parts. Maintenance cost is reduced by more than 80% compared with the average bucket elevator.
7). Simple structure, low manufacturing cost and less investment.
8). Good sealing, no environmental pollution.

Technical Parameter

Modeltypetransaction capacity(m³/h)HopperTransmission shaft rotate speed(r/min)largest
block (mm)
tape type
tape type
D350 42257.875003501.2537.5454.3-30.3
D450 69.6481514.56404501.2537.5554.54-34

Vibrating Fertilizer Screening Machine

Product description: High Frequency Vibration and efficient working model

High Frequency Vibrating Fertilizer Screening Machine producted

by EasyFarming machinery CO.LTD

Production Description

Our Machine uses vibration motor as vibration source. The material will be thrown up on the screen. At the same time materials move forward in  linear motion. Material evenly enter into the feed inlet from the feeder machine. Linear Vibrating Screen ( linear sieve) stable and reliable, consume less, low noise, long life, steady vibration-type, screening and highly efficiency.Widely used in fertilizer.

If your product is various , if your abrasieve should crushed by crusher, our linear vibratory mechanical sifter can match with the crusher, and have a high screening precision. Of course, if your material is marble powder, limestone, river sand, quartz sand, cement, dry-mixed mortar etc.

Technical Parameter

sieve area
Production capacity(t/h)3-55-88-15
electric motor power(kw)×2
Vibration frequency(r/min)960960960
Amplitude (mm)4-64-64-6
Dimension (m)3.4×1.5×2.74.1×1.6×3.85.4×1.7×4.1
Weight (kg)18503500450

Rotary Drum Cooling Machine/High Quality Rotary Drum Cooler

• Product description: We are dedicated to manufacture high-quality organic & compound fertilizer cooling machine. Our rotary drum fertilizer cooling machine is with high-output, high efficiency and reasonable price.

Introduction of Fertilizer Rotary Drum Cooling Machine
Rotary drum cooler is used for cooling fertilizer with certain temperature and particle size in fertilizer industry. The fertilizer cooler has been an essential and indispensable part in fertilizer production line. It consists of cylinder, spiral plate, lifting board, hopper and cooling pipe system. The rotary drum cooling machine can combine with the rotary dryer to remove the dust and clean the exhaust together, which can improve the cooling efficiency and the rate of thermal energy utilization, reduce labor intensity, and further remove moisture of the fertilizer. Generally, the inlet temperature of materials is 60°-80°, while the outlet temperature is less than 40°. Besides, the fertilizer cooling machine manufactured by us can also be used to cool other powder and granules materials.

Features of Fertilizer Rotary Drum Cooling Machine

1. This rotary cooling machine uses high quality anti-corrosion and wear-resistant materials which greatly improve the service life of the machine.
2. Drive parts, the important parts of the machine, are made of high quality steel and have passed the strict quality requirements. The drive speed reduction unit adopts Nylon Pin Coupling to transfer drive.
3. Reasonable design of lifting board helps to maximize heat transfer between the high-temperature material and the cooling air. It can improve the cooling efficiency and cool the materials evenly.
4. Convenient maintenance, compact structure, reliable quality and great adaptability.

Working Principle of Fertilizer Rotary Drum Cooling Machine This fertilizer rotary drum cooling machine adopts heating exchange method to cool materials. It is equipped with welded steel spiral scraping wings in front of the tube, lifting board at the end of the rotary body, and auxiliary piping system in the feed end of the cooling machine. The belt and pulley are driven by the main motor and through the reducer the drive shaft is put in motion. The open gear installed on the driving shaft and big bear ring installed on the body working together under the rotation of drive shaft. The evaporator absorbs heat and the condenser emits heat. With the working of fan, moist air enters from the left air inlet and takes heat exchange through evaporator to achieve the purpose of insulation and dehumidification of air. After being dried by rotary drying machine, fertilizer granules are sent into the cylinder through the feed box. In the rotating tube, the materials are picked by the lifting board and spread evenly. The high temperature materials interact with the upstream of the cold air and the heat within the materials diffuse to the surface and taken away. Then the materials are collected through discharging hole.

Application of Fertilizer Rotary Drum Cooling Machine
The fertilizer rotary drum cooling machine manufactured by us is widely used for cooling compound fertilizer, organic fertilizer and other powder materials and particles. The rotary cooler can be used in many different industries, such as metallurgy materials, construction materials, food industry, light industry, chemical industry, mining industry, cement production lines etc. It has earned good reputation in Asia, and Africa etc.

Flat Model Extrusion Granulator

• Product description: We manufacture various organic fertilizer granulators. This flat die fertilizer pellet machine is specially used in organic fertilizer production, being a popular fertilizer machine.

1.Product Description
Flat model extrusion granulator machine is based on the KP-400 particle pressing machine, and it is equipped with suitable devices The cylindrical particles are made into a ball by once rolling, non return particle, high forming ball rate, good strength and beautiful appearance. Flat film extrusion granulation machine is an ideal device for the production of spherical particles of organic fertilizer (biological). The characteristics of the machine: beautiful appearance, simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, safety, reliability, small size, light weight and so on. Widely used in organic waste granulation of the poultry raising, brewing, sugar, paper, medicine, tobacco factory , etc. This machine is one of the main (biological) organic fertilizer production equipment of Easy Farming. Our sci-tech workers with many years production experience repeatedly research , improve and carefully make this machine according to advanced granulators of China and abroad . The advantages of this machine: good technology, simple operation,  a variety of models. This machine is an ideal processing machinery of processing fertilizer.
1).The machine is mainly used for the granulation of the processing (biological) organic fertilizer industry and the breeding industry.
2). The surface of the particles made by this machine is smooth and clean. The hardness of the particles is moderate. The temperature in the processing is low so that nutrition of the raw materials can be kept better.
3). Uniform particles composition, neat shape Consumers can choose what they need according to the production demand.

4, Because of the low water content, the particles can be stored and retain their shapes in the water for a long time, and the utilization ratio of the material is greatly improved.
Sawdust, rice husk, cotton stalk, cotton seed hulls, weeds and other crops straw, domestic waste, waste plastic.
Mainly used for (biological) organic fertilizer and the breeding industry processing industryTechnical Parameter
4.Technical Parameter

Yield T / H1.8~3.0
success ratio>95
Particle temperature<30
mm Particle diameter mm3.5~8
KW Installed power KW33
Kg Installed Weight Kg1200
mm Installed Size mm2100*2150*1700
AdaptabilityFertilizer, feed

Rotary Drum and Stirring Tooth Granulator

• Product description: With Rotary drum and stirring tooth New type organic fertilizer granulator is specially used for the granulation of organic fertilizer and organic compound fertilizer.

1.Product Description:

EM Machinery Co.,Ltd newly developed organic fertilizer Stirring tooth Granulator with rotary drum,which can make material into a specific shape. Organic fertilizer stirring gear granulator is one of the key equipment of compound fertilizer industry, applicable to cold, hot granulation and high and low concentration of compound fertilizer mass production. The main working way is aggregate wet granulation by a certain amount of water and vapor, so that the basic fertilizer can have full chemical reaction after getting wet in the cylinder.

Under certain liquid phase conditions , cause the material particles to be squeezed in

to a ball by means of the rotating motion of the cylinder. The shell of the machine uses special rubber slab lining or acid-resistant stainless lining board which realizes auto scar removal instead of traditional drawknife equipment. The machine has the characteristics of high strength of forming the ball, good appearance quality, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, low energy consumption, long service life, convenient operation and maintenance, etc. Wet Stirred gear granulation machine using high speed rotating mechanical stir

ring force and the resulting aerodynamic force, so that the fine powder in the machine can achieve continuous mixing, granulation, nodulizing, densification and other processes, so as to achieve the purpose of granulation. This way makes the granulation rate higher, the particles more beautiful, while saving energy, high efficiency and energy saving.

2.Raw Material
Chicken manure, pig manure, cattle manure, sheep manure, carbon black, clay
Production of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer

4.technical parameter

Specifications Model :        DSJX-1660

Mounting angle:                2°-2.5°

Production capacity:          5-8t/h

Total power:                     45+22kw

External Dimension (mm):  7500*2200*2250

Vertical Disc Mixer

• Product description: Powerful and Steady Vertical Disc Mixer-The specialist in mixing all materials.

Vertical disc mixer is composed by mixing disc,mixing arm,machine shelf,gear box and transmission-mechanism.The main frame use carbon-steel plate and box iron.The inner disc use polypropylene plate or stainless plate which is anti-abrasion and  the material can come out clean.The transmission mechanism use cycloidal pin gear speed reducer to drive the main axle.The mixing part use driving wheel to rotate the main axle thorough pin coupling.Materials are evenly and thoroughly turned and mixed to reduce the residual.The machine has less power consuming,small size,fast mixing,and ability to work successively.

Working Theory

The vertical mixer use a electromotor to drive a reducer which drive a main axle which drive mixing teeth to mix materials.


High Efficiency:Use highly abrasion-resistant alloy to achieve efficient mixing.

Low noise:Use the reducer to drive.Steady with lower noise.

Reasonable structure:Feed materials from the top and output them from the bottom.


Discharging Capacity(L)350
Charging Capacity(L)560
Max Mesh(mm)40
Main Axle Diameter(r/min)35
Boundary Dimension(mm)1300X1200

Cage Crusher with Dust Collection System (Dustless)

• Material: Dry-materials
• Product description: The Cage Crusher is mainly used for crushing and grinding and it can mix materials evenly during processing. It is especially suitable for fragile material like caking powder etc.

With years of experiences in Fertilizer related machinery research and manufacture, we developed this upgraded and updated Dustless Cage Crusher with Dust Collection System. The crusher has feeding front, crushing barrel, electrical machine, supporting frame etc. It is suitable for crush hard materials with water content below 10%. With small mesh, large capacity, low ground-use, the equipment has simple and compact structure for easy Maintenance and steady running.
The Cage Crusher is mainly used for crushing and grinding and it can mix materials evenly during processing. It is especially suitable for fragile material like caking powder etc.
The equipment uses shock power to crush materials using two sets of cage bars. Materials go through two layers of cage bars and are crushed by the two sets of opposite-rotary cage bars.
The machine use two electrical engines on both sides to drive the crush cage. The crushing barrel is welded on main frame which is made of box iron. And the crush cages are inside the barrel drove by the electrical engines with belt. The feeding front is on one side of the barrel and the output front is under the barrel. The Dust Collection Equipment can be attached to the output front to collect dust during packing. Eco-Friendly and reduce the dust damage to workers. The dust airflow can achieve zero dust output after double level process.

Compost Turning Loading Shovel Truck

• Product description: Our Pile-Turning Loading Shovel Truck is a four-in-one Multiple Functional turning machine. With diesel power and four-wheel drive, the machine can move forward, backward, left and right.

 Our Pile-Turning Loading Shovel Truck is a four-in-one Multiple Functional turning machine. With diesel power and four-wheel drive, the machine can move forward, backward, left and right. It is easy and convenient for one person to drive the truck using a steering wheel.

· The rotary rolling drums and steers inside the fork bucket can process the material with highly efficient crushing, evenly mixing and thoroughly turning while the truck can move in long distance.

· The Turning Forklift truck can be used not only in fertilizer plant, but also in Construction to turn and mix construction materials.

· The equipment is built with strong structure materials and international parts to achieve well rigidity, balanced stress in structure, safe and reliable performance, easy control, adaptable ability for working environment and convenient maintain.

Standard Loading Capacity1600kg3000kg
Standard Bucket Capacity0.7m³1.3m³
Total weight28505800
Engine model4904108Z
Unload height3200mm3600mm
Upload distance800mm908mm
Drive modeFour-Wheel DriveFour-Wheel Drive
Turnaround modeLiquid linkLiquid link
Max speed2840

Self-propelled Compost Turner

• Product description: The self-propelled compost turning machine is suitable for various working condition, not only in open ground, also in workshop and greenhouse. The technical breakthrough is to integrate the crushing function.


Self-propelled compost turning machine is one of the core equipment in Organic fertilizer production plant. With four-wheel propelled, the machine uses one-man control and anti-skid tires. Moving above the strip compost, the equipment turn the material and form a new line. The self-propelled compost turning machine is suitable for various working condition, not only in open ground, also in workshop and greenhouse. The technical breakthrough is to integrate the crushing function for the last period of fermentation. The accessional blade can break the block forming in fermentation process efficient. You can product the fertilizer without an additional crusher, which can low the cost and free the produce ability.

Working process

The machine is one fermentation compost turning equipment combined by two parts: turning device and moving device. The moving device use four wheels, diesel powerband-skid tires, one-man and steering wheel operation. The turning device’ spiral speed is controlled by the accelerator and moving speed is controlled by the gear box. During the working time, the equipment moves above the fermentation strip compost, the spiral blending blade hanging under the framework stir, fluff and relocate the compost. When the machine passed, a new strip compost is formed.


1 Advanced fermentation technology designed. Our FD series Self-propelled compost turning machine is designed according to the microorganism-aerobic fermentation theory to make the best of fermentation space for microorganism.

2 Suitable for the working theory and crafting requirement of microorganism-aerobic fermentation.

3 The machine is built with proper engine, low power consuming, massive production ability. It can reduce the cost of production obviously. According to technology parameters, the miner machine can turn 600-800 cube fresh cow feces (100 manuals turning ability).

4 The machine has reasonable structure: good rigidness, balanced press, simple, strong, safe and reliable performance, easy control, suitable for working environment. Except for the strong framework, the parts are all standardized, which make the equipment easy to maintain.


Working depth(m)1.38

Services of fertilizer turning machine
Pre-sale Service

1.Offering overall technology and business consultation services;
2.Proposing the most suitable scheme and equipment for our customer;
3.Designing and producing machine according to the special demands of clients;
After-sales Service
1.Carefully checking machine in every working procedure, quality comes first;
2.Assisting our clients for foundation construction of equipment’s;
3.Dispatching engineers to install and debug equipment’s, training the first-line operators on site;
4.Regularly visit clients to solve production problems and providing our technology support.
We have more than 15 years’ experience, support you best before and after sales service. Quality is first and top Pursuit of our company.

Wheel Compost Turner

• Product description: Our Double-spiral compost turning machine overcome the normal spiral compost turning machine’ limited problems like low turning depth, small size of working range, big working ground size.


Our Double-spiral compost turning machine overcome the normal spiral compost turning machine’ limited problems like low turning depth, small size of working range, big working ground size. Our equipment can reach 1.6 m in effective working depth and 12m in effective working range, which have promoted working efficiency greatly. The machine is perfectly suitable for the dispose and fermentation of sludge, city waste and etc. Our equipment has PLC programming control which can shift between manual and automatic. Also, with remote control device, you can run the machine accurate and smooth.


Double-spiral compost turning machine can be used for the compost fermentation turning of livestock and poultry waste, sludge and garbage, waste mud of sugar manufacture, residues, straw, sawdust and other organic waste. It is widely used in the work-ground like organic fertilizer plant, compound fertilizer plant, sludge and garbage dispose plant, garden plant, mushroom agriculture and other fermentation decomposition and water-drying plant.The equipment is built for aerobic fermentation to cooperate with solar-fermentation room, fermentation groove and removing apparatus for line. With removing apparatus for line, one equipment can turn compost for multiple grooviest cooperated groove which we provide can output continuous or in batch.


High efficiency, smooth and steady running, sturdy and durable and Evenly turning.

Working Elements

The Our double-spiral compost turning machine is composed with four-direction horizontal moving device, lifting device for spiral blades, power device for spiral blades control cabinet. While using two spiral blades spiraling opposite to turn and flip the raw material, the machine moves in four directions. This can let material contact with oxygen thoroughly to achieve better aerobic fermentation and compost temperature cooling.

Performance Features

Automatic Control: All under the control of PLC cabinet. Manual or automatic control as needed.

Equipment structure: Compacted and Strong.

Aerobic fermentation prefers: Cooperate with solar energy fermentation room, fermentation groove and removing apparatus for line


Turning depth(m)1.2~1.8

Groove Type Compost Turner

Groove Type Compost Turner

Product description: Groove Type Compost Turner, a powerful machine in compost fertilizer production.


Rotary tillage type compost turning machine is good at turning the whole groove at the same time. The material is turning evenly in the same cross section up and down. The big block in the groove can be crushed by the rotary-tillage turning blade. The machine has the features of turning massively, thoroughly, steadily with low price, which makes the machine the first choice for Industrialized organic fermentation and fertilizer plant.

Rotary tillage type compost turning machine can be used for the turning for the fermentation of livestock and poultry feces, slurry and garbage, lime sludge in sugar plant, residues, straw and sawdust and other organic waste. It is widely used in the work-ground like organic fertilizer plant, compound fertilizer plant, sludge and garbage dispose plant, garden plant, mushroom agriculture and other fermentation decomposition and water-drying work.


1 Double layer framework with balance-weight cabinet, the machine can operate steadier to avoid off track and slipping.

2 The equipment is built for aerobic fermentation to cooperate with solar-fermentation room, fermentation groove and removing apparatus for line. With removing apparatus for line, one equipment can turn compost for multiple grooves.

3 The cooperated groove which we provide can output continuous or in batch.

4 All under the control of PLC cabinet. Manual or automatic control as needed.

5 High efficiency, smooth and steady running, sturdy and durable and Evenly turning with Extreme low malfunction.


ModelPower(kw)Working depth(M)Capacity(m³/h)

Chain plate compost turner

Chain plate compost turner

Product description: New type compost turner.The First of tits kind in China.

New Type of Compost Turner

Our link-plate style compost turner is the first of its kind in China.Promoting aerobic continuous fermentation which proceed in the solid organic waste tank,It integrate all innovations to reach the lead level in China.It is suitable for deep-tank aerobic fermentation which use solid organic waste as raw materials,such as livestock and poultry feces,sludge,garbage etc.While moving along the tracks of the fermentation tank,the machine turn the compost with high efficiency and wide-distance moving.By its function,it promote the speed of raw material’ fermentation and thoroughly decomposition and it can decrease water content and improve fertilizer quality.The equipment can be customized according to the size of the fermentation groove.


1.The size of the groove is 1.2m minimum in deep,12m maximum in width.The equipment has less fermentation circles with high daily and annually production ability.

2 Requiring no high pressure forced oxygen supply equipment,the machine can feed raw material evenly with no dead zone in the turning period.It can make material translation and aerobic fermented more evenly.It also have the function of automatic relocating material in stacking process.Fixed copper slide-corner cable can be placed on the side of fermentation groove to make sure it is safe,reliable,wearable and easy maintenance.

3 The innovations of the equipment:

(1) It can Thoroughly use the space of the deep groove to achieve automatic material output.

(2) It can use limited ground area to realizing the harmless dispose of organic waste in large scale.

4 With compact structure and advanced craft,the equipment can use the benefit micro-organism’ ability to promote organic waste’ thoroughly decay.Its unique pool-type continuous aerobic fermentation technology can make organic waste decay thoroughly and fast to reduce water content,eliminate germs,remove odor,make waste material harmless and achieve the goals of  recycling and reduction.Also,with low power consumption,the equipment can product steadily and quality-guaranteed.

5 The equipment can automatic control the process of turning fermentation material intelligently.The material move backward gradually and continuously in same distance to reach a process of continuous aerobic fermentation.

6 The equipment can cooperate with Automatic feeding and outputting material equipment.Multiple use for one machine and Save human and equipment resources.

Working Deep(m)1.2~1.8  

Shield compost turner

Groove Type Compost Turner

Shield compost turner
Warranty 12months
Condition new
Product description: Shield Compost Turner Equipment is manufactured by Easy Farming with years of experience of organic material processing at Actual Plant Site.This equipment is composed by transmission device,lifting d

Shield Compost Turner Equipment is manufactured by Easy Farming with years of experience of organic material processing at Actual Plant Site.This equipment is composed by transmission device,lifting device,moving device,material turning device,relocating device.

While the machine is working,three-dimensional moving device function under the arch-shape in lengthways,crosswise and upward.The transmission device drive the rabble blade of straight shrank shape to break the big bulk of material.At the same time,the raw material regularly move backward same distance in a continuous gradually way,which can promote a continuous aerobic fermentation process.

The equipment has scientific structure designed with no limitation of the deep and wide of the fermentation tank.It also has the advantages of highly automation and efficiency,low power consumption,easy operation and low price!

ModelDG-6000DG -8000DG-10000DG-12000
Turning deep(m)1.2~1.8

Manure Fertilizer Plant

Manure Fertilizer Plant

Capacity: 1-20t per hour

Materials: Animal Manure


Project details on organic fertilizer production
Because the new type of agitating toothed drum granulator is used in the organic fertilizer production line, NPK fertilizer granulation can also be carried out in the organic fertilizer production line. The new stirred drum pelletizing line is usually used to process different fermented organic matter into bio organic matter. Fertilizer. One step molding technology is adopted. The main raw materials of the fertilizer production line are animal manure and agricultural waste, which not only creates economic benefits for enterprises, but also makes great contributions to human environmental engineering.
Main equipment of organic fertilizer production line:

  1. Automatic batching system: the automatic batching system is mainly composed of feeding system, weighing device, silo and conveyor belt. The static batching system not only has the speed of Dynamic Batching, but also has the precision of ordinary static batching (0.2%).
  2. New type agitating toothed drum granulator: this series of granulator is a patent product newly developed by our company and Agricultural Machinery Research Institute. It is designed and manufactured by the process of new type wet continuous pusher.
  3. Dryer: This machine is a new generation rotary drum dryer developed by our company’s staff for many years in compound fertilizer production experience. The machine has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, simple operation, low energy consumption, long service life, uniform drying and convenient maintenance. It is China’s advanced compound fertilizer drying equipment, the product is widely used throughout the country.
  4. Rotary screen: this series of drum screen is a common equipment in the production of compound fertilizer. It is mainly used to separate the finished products from the returned materials, and also can realize the classification of products, so that the finished products can be evenly classified. The machine adopts combined screen, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and stable operation. It is an ideal equipment for compound fertilizer production.
  5. Cyclone: cyclone is a kind of dust collector, which is mainly used for pre precipitation of high concentration dust and separation and recovery of materials. For the collection and separation of coarse particles above 5-10 um, the purification rate is high. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, easy installation, maintenance and management, low cost and operation cost, and small floor area.
  6. Conveyor: the working principle of mobile lifting belt conveyor is the same as that of ordinary belt conveyor. It takes the belt as the continuous conveying equipment of the traction bearing machine. Compared with ordinary belt conveyor, mobile device and lifting device are added. With more lifting and moving devices, the mobile crane belt conveyor increases its excellent dynamic capability. It can be based on site conditions. It is equipped with forklifts and other powered locomotives to propel or pull goods to a suitable position for loading and unloading.
  7. Packaging machine: automatic packaging scale, also known as automatic packaging machine, can be divided into semi-automatic packaging scale and automatic packaging scale. The packing scale is mainly composed of automatic quantitative packing scale (composed of storage hopper, feeder, weighing and loading hopper, kneading mechanism, computer control, pneumatic actuator, etc.) and selection part (conveyor, sewing machine / heat sealing machine). Screw feeding is used, and the feeding mechanism forces the material to be discharged.
    raw material:
  8. Agricultural waste: rice straw, rice bran, etc
  9. Animal manure: chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure, sheep manure, etc
  10. Industrial waste: distiller’s grains, sugar dregs, etc.
  11. Domestic garbage: kitchen garbage, vegetable market garbage, slaughterhouse garbage, etc.
  12. Municipal sludge: river sludge, sewage sludge, etc.
    After safe treatment and fermentation, these raw materials are made into organic fertilizer. Therefore, organic fertilizers contain a variety of organic acids, peptides and rich nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. It not only provides comprehensive nutrition for crops, but also has long-term fertilizer. It can increase and renew soil organic matter, promote microbial reproduction, and improve soil physical and chemical properties and biological activity.
  13. The main raw materials of the production line are animal manure and agricultural waste. Not only can it be transformed into waste, but it can also protect the environment.
  14. Centralized control of the whole process of organic fertilizer production. The series is highly automated and easy to operate.
  15. The batching system and packing system are controlled by computer to ensure the accuracy of material batching and fertilizer packaging
  16. The product has high quality, stable performance, compact process layout, advanced technology and convenient maintenance

Solid Liquid Seperator

Centrifugal solid-liquid separator
Product description: Widely used for solid-liquid separation of manure of pig, cattle, horses, chickens, ducks, goose and all kinds of concentrated farms. Used for the separation of slag, waste liquor, medicine dregs,

Product Introduction
Widely used for solid-liquid separation of manure of pig, cattle, horses, chickens, ducks, goose and all kinds of concentrated farms. Used for the separation of  slag, waste liquor, medicine dregs, lees, starch residue, residue of msg produce, sauce dregs and slaughter plants,  high concentration organic wastewater, etc.
Fast speed slag liquid separation. The water content of the separated waste residue was 40-55%.The amount of slag and water content can be adjusted. It is convenient to transport and store the separated dry materials. The separated dry materials are very suitable as fish feed and organic fertilizer raw materials.
Strong decontamination ability, no clogging, easy to clean. After processing the waste water containing solid rate, chemical oxygen consumption, oxygen consumption, total nitrogen and phosphorus removal rate between 70-95%.
Corrosion resistance, high strength, long service life.
High degree of automation, low power consumption, low price.
Easy to operate.
just need one person to operate by controlling the button
Technical Parameter

TS6005.5KW5-8 m³All contain
Frequency Control Device
TS10007.5KW10-15 m³
TS150020-30 m³

Rotary Drum Screener

Rotary Drum Screening Machine

Product description: With high-efficiency, our fertilizer rotary drum screening machine is used for separating the returned materials and the finished products. Meanwhile the rating and classifying of finished organic & compound fertilizer plant.

Professional Manufacturer of Rotary Screening Machine!

1.Production Description
Widely applicable to screening solid material , particle size less than 300mm. Screening capacity : 60 tons / hour ~1000 tons / hour

1). High screening efficiency. The device is provided with a plate type sieve cleaning mechanism. The screen will never be blocked.
2). Good working environment. The whole screening mechanism is designed in the sealed dust cover. Thoroughly eliminate the dust in the screening. Improve the working environment.
3). Low noise.
4).Long service life.
5).Convenient maintenance.

Comprehensive utilization power plant ( mainly circulating fluidized bed boiler) based on combustion of low-quality coal rapidly rises in China. Taking coal ore, coal slime as fuel usually makes it sticky, wet, dirty, miscellaneous etc. There is screen blocking, low screening efficiency, crusher wear and high energy consumption phenomenon of coal handling system. The Trommel Screen is a common equipment in the production of compound fertilizer. It is mainly used for the separation of finished product and returning material .

The machine can also achieve product classification, so that the finished product can be evenly classified. The Trommel Screen is composed of five parts, a roller, a machine frame, a hopper, a speed reducer and an electric motor. Materials enter the roller from the feed inlet. On one hand, during the rotation of the roller the materials are screened. By the same time,the big particle size materials flow along the roller. Materials are gradually screened through the sieve of different mesh. After the materials are screened out, they will fall into the respective hopper. Then materials will be transported manually or they will flow automatically to the finished product piles . The machine adopts the combined type screen, easy to maintenance and replacement. Simple structure, convenient operation and stable operation, an ideal equipment of the production of compound fertilizer.

Rotary Drum Dryer

Rotary Drum Dryer

Product description: Our high-output rotary drum drying machine is a drying equipment to reduce the moisture content of the materials, suitable for compound and organic fertilizer production and other industries

High-output Fertilizer Rotary Drum Dryer Introduction

Rotary drum drying machine, which consists of rotary body, lifting plate, driving device, supporting device and sealing ring, is an ideal drying equipment for fertilizer industry, both compound fertilizer production and organic fertilizer production. It is used to reduce the moisture content of fertilizers. After drying, the moisture content of compound fertilizer will be reduced from 20%-30% to 2%-5% and the moisture content reducing range of organic fertilizer is from 10%-40%.

Rotary Drum Dryer Motor

It has advantages of low noise, fast delivery, reasonable design, high efficiency, low energy consumption and easy to operate. This rotary drum dryer can be widely used in different fields, such as bio-mass pellet industry, feed pellet industry, building materials drying, animal manure drying and so on.

High-output Fertilizer Rotary Dryer Feature

1. High operation flexibility. Rotary drum dryer operation is very flexible. Changing one of the many factors that affect drum drying, such as drum speed, material properties, will not influence the drying operation.
2. Reasonable design. The rotary drum drying machine has reasonable design, the angle of the body and the distribution of lifting plate which helps to improve the heating efficiency.

Inner structure of drum dryer

3. High thermal efficiency. The hot air passes through the rotary body with some resistance and mix with materials completely and dry evenly.
4. Convenient maintenance and use, low repair cost, continuous and reliable operation, large capacity.
5. Wide application range. This rotary drum drying machine is multi-functional and can be used for drying different materials.
6. Fully automatic control, strong overloading capacity resistance.

Working Principle of High Output Fertilizer Drying Machine
This fertilizer rotary drum drying equipment uses hot air to dry the materials. From the high side as the rotary drum dryer has an angle, the wet materials are entered into the hopper of the rotary drum dryer by belt conveyor or bucket elevator. In the rotary body, the materials are mixed with hot air which enters into the rotary body from the lower side. The materials are lifted by the lifting plate on the inner side to make the materials and the hot air mix completely which improve the drying efficiency. while the fertilizer drying machine rotating, the well-dried materials are collected from the other side. According to the need, the hot air can enter the rotary drum drying machine from the feeding side or discharging side.

Application of Fertilizer Rotary Dryer
rotary dryers are among the most versatile available for drying fertilizer, and are capable of handling almost any bulk solid material regardless of its conveyance and handling characteristics.
1. Suitable for organic fertilizer & compound fertilizer: organic & compound fertilizer granules, livestock manure waste, poultry manure, such like sheep manure, pig manure, chicken manure, caw manure etc. and compost, sludge.
2. Suitable for bio-mass pellet industry: wood sawdust, wood chips, wood shavings, agricultural straw
3. Suitable for feed and agriculture industries: straw, grass fish meal, leaves, food factory waste, corn sauce
4. Suitable for building materials drying, metallurgy and chemical industry, mining industries: respectively, sand, cement, ores, slag, coal, metal power, clay, kaolin
5. Suitable for drying powder and granular materials: phosphorus slag, crystals.

Disc Granulator

Disc Granulator
Product description: Our disc fertilizer granulator can use wide resources of raw materials to produce organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer. It is perfectly designed to ensure its smooth running and long service life.

1.Production introduction
The disc granulator uses the whole circular arc structure , and the granulation rate can reach more than 93%. The granulation plate has three discharging ports, which is convenient for discontinuous production operations, greatly reduces the labor intensity and improves the labor efficiency. Reducer and motor uses flexible belt drive, starts stable, reduces impact force, improves the service life of equipment. The plate bottom uses mutiple steel plate to strengthen it , durable, no deformation. Thicken and aggravate the pedestal, without anchor bolt fixed, stable operation.
Disc granulation machine structure:
1).Disc granulation machine from the market, the big gear, the transmission part, the rack, the base, scraper frame, no power scraper and other components.
2). One main reducer. The input shaft is equipped with a belt pulley, and the output shaft is equipped with a small gear;
3). A main motor, equipped with a belt pulley
4). The supporting device of granulation disc  comprises a main shaft,  two sets of roller bearing and b two pieces of bearing seat.
City garbage, fertilizer, organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, fresh chicken, pig, cow manure and sludge etc.
Disc granulation machine is widely used in the processing of spherical particles of biological organic fertilizer, such as coal powder, cement, clinker, fertilizer and other materials.
 4.technical parameter

Production Capacity(t/h)≤0.6≤0.7≤0.8≤1≤1.5≤2≤2.5
Disc PelletizerTechnical Spcifications

Horizontal Mixer

Manure Horizontal Fertilizer Mixer for Sale

Horizontal Mixer

  • Product description: Efficient and Steady Mixer!!

Our horizontal type mixer is constituted by U shape shell,spiral ribbon blade,and drive component.The machine set double-layer spiral blades to the main drive axle.Inner spiral blade deliver materials to outside while outer spiral blade do the opposite.With the contrary motion of the double layer spiral blades,the machine create a efficient and low power mixing environment.The double layer spiral blades also mix all materials evenly and thoroughly in maximum range.

While working,the inner spiral blade drive materials near the axle and push them from inside to outside.The outer spiral blade drive materials new the shell and push them from outside to inside.Materials exchange crosswise ,mix and expand to achieve the best mixing effect.

Horizontal Mixer
Inner Struture
Horizontal Mixer instore

The machine function well with sticky or agglomerate powder or granule or mix with liquid and mash.Compared to other mixers,our equipment has advantages like shorter mixing time,wider adaption,no damage to materials ,easy cleaning and maintenance.Mixing processing won’t press or crush materials,so the machine also suits for spackling compound,stone-like coating,dry powder,putty,medicine,food,chemical materials,feeding materials,ceramic,fire resistant materials and other materials(The mix of solid and solid,solid and liquid,solid and mesh,especially sticky matter).

High efficient and anti-abrasion with little ground use.

Low noise.The machine use reducer to drive the axle smoothly and noiseless.

Reasonable structure.Feed materials from the top and output them from the bottom.

Steady running.

Technique Parameter

ParameterRotor Diameter(mm)Capacity(t/h)Power(kw)Weight(t)

Semi-Wet Material Crusher

Semi-wet crusher used in cow manure powdery production line
Semi-wet crusher used in cow manure powdery production line

Semi Wet Fertilizer Crusher

  • Product description:

Semi wet material crusher is a new type of high efficiency single rotor reversible machine.

Crushing fiber with high speed rotary blade.

Good crushed granularity, high efficiency.

Strong adaptability

Semi-wet agricultural waste fertilizer pulverizer
Semi-wet agricultural waste fertilizer pulverizer

Semi Wet Manure Grinder for Powder Fertilizer Production

Semi wet material crusher is a new type of high efficiency single rotor reversible machine. Crushing fiber with high speed rotary blade.  Good crushed granularity, high efficiency. Strong adaptability to moisture content of material. Especially , the rotten garbage after fermentation or other 30%  moisture content of the material can be pulverized. Particle size can reach 20-30 mesh, which can meet the requirement of feed size of general fertilizer granulation equipment. The equipment used for organic fertilizer production processing sectors, crushing chicken manure, humic acid sodium and other raw materials has very good effect.

Semi wet material crusher is used for the crushing of high temperature and wet materials such as bio organic fermentation compost, municipal waste compost, grass mud carbon, rural straw garbage, industrial organic waste, livestock manure and other biological fermentation materials.

Semi wet material crusher is a professional crushing equipment for crushing high humidity and fiber materials. Semi wet material crusher uses  high speed rotating blade.  well crushing fiber size, high efficiency and energy saving.

  • Materials

Fermentation, composting , urban solid waste composting, grass mud carbon, rural straw waste, industrial organic waste, livestock manure, etc.

  • Application

Suitable for bio organic fertilizer product

  • Technical Parameter
Production capacity(t/h)1-22-44-810–15
Power (kw)18.5223037

New Developed Compost Turner

Brief Introduction

Groove type compost turner

Warranty: 12months
Condition: new
Product description: New organic fertilizer compost turning machine developed by Easy Farming Machinery is here!Six meters pole compost turning machine,Turn fast and efficient.

Grooove Type Compost Turner

Groove type cow dung compost turner
Groove type cow dung compost turner
Groove Type Compost Turner Machine


New organic fertilizer compost turning machine developed by Easy Farming Machinery is here!Six meters pole compost turning machine,Turn fast and efficient.

The equipment is built for aerobic fermentation to cooperate with solar-fermentation room,fermentation groove and removing apparatus for line.With removing apparatus for line,one equipment can turning compost for multiple grooves.

The cooperated groove which we provide can output continuous or in batch.

All under the control of PLC cabinet.Manual or automatic control as needed.

High efficiency,smooth and steady running,sturdy and durable and Evenly turning with Extreme low malfunction.

This is the update version of rotary compost turning machine,which means using more advanced design and technology to solve the problems like limited working ground,overmuch raw material and low working depth.

Six meters pole compost turning machine which also is called Track compost turning machine can be used for the turning for the fermentation of livestock and poultry faeces,slurry and garbage,lime sludge in sugar plant,residues,straw and sawdust and other organic waste.It is widely used in the work-ground like organic fertilizer plant,compound fertilizer plant,sludge and garbage dispose plant,garden plant,mushroom agriculture and other fermentation decomposition and water-drying work.


ModelPower(kw)Working depth(meters)Capacity(m³/h)
EF-400011kw*2+2.2kw*2Contact for detailsContact for details
EF-500015kw*2+2.2kw*2Contact for detailsContact for details
EF-600015kw*2+2.2kw*2Contact for detailsContact for details